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Feedly Bookmarklet to Subscribe Feeds Easily

Updated on 09 Jan 2020: Updated new Feedly bookmarklet subscribe button.

Feedly is now one of the famous alternatives to Google Reader. Many users now shifted to their RSS reader to Feedly. But when it comes to Feedly, subscribing to your favorite blog not as easy as Google Reader. Because when I was in Google Reader, I used their bookmarklet on my browser bookmarks bar to easily subscribe to blogs. But Feedly doesn’t offer such Bookmarklet yet.

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How to Rotate Video Clip and Save it

Recently I shot a video on my iPhone 4s. But when I played that video on my desktop, the video is not appearing correctly. The video is rotated to 90 degrees so I cannot play the video in a proper way. If I want to view that video in a proper way, then I need to rotate that video to 90 degrees. After searching hours together on net I found only few working method to rotate videos easily.

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Lock executable (exe) file with password

lock-exe-file Some times it is necessary to protect executable file with password to stop using it from other users. So here is a small tool which can help you to protect any executable with password. We have seen many software to lock folders and others with the help of software, But most of them don’t aware of software to lock exe files.

Empathy is one such program it helps you to protect any exe file with password, It is a small tool and it is very portable to use. You don’t need to install this software before using this one, it is just a standalone file so that we can run it anywhere without installation.

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