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2 Free Desktop Language Translator Software to Translate Text

No doubt online Google translator works well and it is one of the best way to translate text from one language to another language. Some people don’t like to visit websites to translate text or it is time-consuming process if we visit website to translate few words, so it is good to have a desktop language translator to translate it. Here are the two best and free desktop language translator to translate text.
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Stop using Default Search Option in your PC, And see This Software Once

You may get some confused about what title is saying, if you so-The title is trying to say that we need to stop using default search option which is available in our computer (O.S) because there is a better alternative options is available for desktop search. We all use default search in computer daily to search some file in our computer, and you may noticed that default search option takes some time to enter file name and we need to set parameter to search option especially in XP. You may find your correct result, but searching takes long time (minutes) to find it. But today I will show you a “Desktop Search Engine” to search files in our pc like a rocket speed. Continue reading

A Software to Enhance your Desktop Look

I love my computer and I always love to keep my computer attractive. Desktop is one of the most used and most seen item of our computer so it is our duty to keep our desktop clean,organized and attractive. To keep desktop more attractive we need to properly arrange desktop icons, but even after arranging desktop icons, our desktop won’t look cool because of so many icons which are present in our desktop. Here is a desktop software which helps us to arrange our desktop icons in a cool way to enhance our desktop look.
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