Had an issue with a Product or Service?

If you are having any issue with the product or services with any seller, shop or manufacturer online or offline and not listening to you. Then don’t worry. Now, there is a better option to deal with. The Indian government has a service called “Consumer Helpline“. Which is designed to deal with such issues.

Name Inclusion in Birth Certificate Bangalore

I wanted to include my daughter’s name on the birth certificate for quite a long time… For almost 1 year and 8 months, I keep postponing. Now…, the time has come to finally act on it. I was pretty new to this process.

UPI ATM: live cash withdrawal demo

UPI is one of my favourite ways of doing transactions these days. I no longer carry or have cash or get confused about the balance amount whenever I buy something in shops because of this technology. Thanks to the government of India for innovating this tech. 

Our Washing Machine used to Walk

Anytime we use our washing machine, during the final spinning time, our washing machine always moves to different places, and the machine rotates to almost 180 degrees. We tried many solutions, including the levelling washing machine with the help of a water level scale, calling an IFB technician, and placing different items below the stand. …

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Fastest Way Take Screenshots & Save it Automatically on Windows

If you press the Print Screen button on your keyboard, Windows will open the “Screen Snipping” tool. The problem with the screen snipping tool is it’s not the fastest way to take screenshots. You have to select the screenshot area manually, and you have to save that screenshot image on your PC where you want.

Best Download Manager Software

During our college days, me and our friends used to download a lot of stuff and sharing those stuff with all our friends. To download faster and easier way… We tried all kinds of software. At the end of the day, nothing beats “IDM” (Internet Download Manager) software.

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