How to Apply Aadhar Card for Child Below 5 Years

After almost 1.6 years, I pulled the plug to get my daughter’s Aadhar card. I keep postponing for almost 1.6 years…

Now time has come. I need an Aadhar card to apply for something, so I took it seriously and went to apply for an Aadhar card for my daughter.

If you are also looking for a way to apply for an Aadhar card for your child below 5 years, then you are in the right spot.

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Our Washing Machine used to Walk

Anti Vibration Pads with Suction Cup for washing machine leg

Anytime we use our washing machine, during the final spinning time, our washing machine always moves to different places, and the machine rotates to almost 180 degrees.

We tried many solutions, including the levelling washing machine with the help of a water level scale, calling an IFB technician, and placing different items below the stand.

None of them worked.

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I Shared My Internet with 20 Students. Here What Happned

We own 2 buildings with 8+8 rental units and 2 owner houses, so 9 houses in each building.

I planned and implemented proper networking concepts for both buildings during construction time.

So that if in case I need to share an internet connection to both the building, I can do it whenever I need.

All our tenants are college students themselves.

On one random day, one tenant asked us if we could share our internet connection with him… as taking an individual connection costs him more.

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How to Choose BSNL Number of Your Choice and Buy BSNL SIM Card Online

If you want to Buy a BSNL SIM card online, here is a complete guide on choosing your own BSNL mobile number online and how you can buy that reserved bsnl number.

BSNL is the only company offering public users to choose their own mobile number online with big collection of numbers. 

If you have any specific requirement in the mobile number, you can easily choose such a number with the BSNL website.

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