Downloading All BSNL Numbers

BSNL website only displays 15 mobile numbers at a time, which is insufficient to pick a nice mobile number.

Currently, they don’t offer any official way to download all the available numbers in an Excel sheet.

I don’t know the reason why…

After trying many methods to download all the numbers from the BSNL website, I finally got a way to do that.

It took me a lot of research time to finally develop a 100% working solution.

The solution lets you download all the available numbers on the BSNL website in an Excel sheet!

Let me be frank…

This is not a straightforward solution where you will get a download link to download all available numbers directly.


It doesn’t work like that.

There is no such option to do that.

The solution that I’m going to share takes some time. But I believe it’s worth doing it to pick a good mobile number that you wish.

On average, it takes about 7 seconds to collect one page of mobile numbers.

Whatever the number of pages the BSNL website has, you can multiply it by 7 seconds to collect all those mobile numbers.

Wait… There is good news!

Don’t get disappointed soon.

There is good news for you.

You don’t need to do much work.

All the work is done by software.

Not you.

All you need to do is, Train the software and sit back and relax till the software does its job.

Or just go for a coffee or dinner and come back.

Software already collects all the mobile numbers, ready to download in an Excel file.

That’s it.

One more thing, you need to keep one thing in mind.

You cannot do any other task on your PC until the software finishes.

If this is ok for you, I’m ready to teach you how to do that work.

All you need is a computer or laptop.

If you have that, then you are good to go.

I have prepared an instructional video on downloading all the available BSNL mobile numbers in an Excel sheet. It’s just a 07-minute video guide.

Once you go through my guide, you will understand how to do it for yourself any number of times.

If you want to view all the available BSNL numbers in an Excel sheet, this guide is for you.


1) Can I use this method on my mobile or Tablet?

No. You cannot. It needs a computer to perform this action.

2) I’m a MAC/Linux/Unix/Chrome OS user. Can I do it on my PC?

No. This method only works with Windows PC/Windows Operating System.

3) I have other questions. How can I contact you?

You can reach me by emailing arun (at) I’ll be glad to answer any questions you have.

4) What format does this mini-course come with?

The main instructional guide is a Video guide. It will be in the English language.

5) How long is this mini-guide?

If you have 20 minutes, you will finish this mini-guide in one sitting.

6) Does this method work in my state?

Yes. It’s work in all the state and locations.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try my Downloading All BSNL Numbers mini guide for 30 days and implement whatever I thought in this mini course. If, for whatever reason, the method, tips, and guide I believed in the mini-course don’t work for you, then I don’t want your Money.

Just contact me by email at arun (at) within 30 days of the purchase, and I will give you a full refund.

I’ve personally used this method and tips whatever I shared in this guide.

Now I’m revealing all of those to you.

The only catch? You need to Act Now.

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