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The Best Way to Check Spelling and Grammar on Browsers

Do you write lot of stuff from your browsers? If yes, then here is a best spelling and grammar checker for your browser. Being a blogger, I do a lot of writing stuff online. Sometimes I need to check spelling and grammar whatever I have written, till today I have used WordWeb dictionary to do this task. But the problem with WordWeb is, it cannot check grammar, and spelling suggestion is also not so good.

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Now You Can Easily Track Noisy Tabs with Chrome Browser

How many times you have encountered web pages which automatically plays video, songs or uses your web cam without your knowledge? and how much you struggled to find out those tabs? I personally faced many times a week finding such noisy tabs in my browser. From now onwards you don’t need to struggle to find such tabs. Because, Google chrome browser bringing a new update where you can easily identify tabs which are playing songs, videos or using webcam.

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Google Chrome Soon Stop Supporting Extensions Outside Google Store

Google chrome official blog announced that, they will soon stop supporting extensions hosted outside the Google store. According to their announcement, bad users  abused there system (where users can install extensions outside the store). They even received many complaints regarding this. What happening is, some of the google chrome extensions hosted outside the Google store installing the extensions by bypassing the prompt to silently install malicious extensions. Which thereby alters the default settings of the chrome browser and thus causes bad  user experience.

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