How to Rotate Video Clip and Save it

Recently I shot a video on my iPhone 4s. But when I played that video on my desktop, the video is not appearing correctly. The video is rotated to 90 degrees so I cannot play the video in a proper way. If I want to view that video in a proper way, then I need to rotate that video to 90 degrees. After searching hours together on net I found only few working method to rotate videos easily.

If you have taken any videos in your mobile, iPhone or any other digital devices then, there is chance that your video may not be appearing in a proper manner in your computer. To make it proper manner, we just need to rotate the video screen to 180 degree, 90 degree.

Use “Free Video Flip and Rotate” to Rotate Video:

Free Video Flip and Rotate is a free software which is used to rotate any video clip to required format. This is really a nice software if you want to rotate video clip. After trying may other software, I stick with this software.


– rotate video 90 ° CCW;

– rotate video 180 °;

– rotate video 90 ° CW;

– flip video vertically;

– flip video horizontally;

– flip video vertically and rotate 90 ° CCW;

– flip video vertically and rotate 90 ° CW.

It is having easy user friendly interface, any one can easily understand how to use this software.

To Rotate Video using this software, first we need to input the source video clip in “Input File” section.

Once we input the source video clip, the screen is split into two screen; Left side screen is the original video clip and right side clip is the rotated clip. If we want to rotate video screen just choose the arrow directions which is available below to that video. The  output will be show in right side of the software.

how to rotate a video


To save the rotated video, click on Save Video option. That’s it. Now you have rotated video clip and saved that output in the same location with another name.


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alfredbobes - April 16, 2015

You may also try iDealshare VideoGo to rotate video 90 degrees without reencoding

This way can easily helps to rotate video of AVCHD, MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, 3GP, MXF, MPG, VOB, FLV, etc.

It can rotate video 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees etc.


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