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Add Color to your Folders on Windows O.S

Windows folder comes with only one color. If you use a lot of folder on your OS, then you might find difficulty in identifying the particular folder that you access regularly. Sometimes we want to distinguish that folder with all other folders for easier identification. Here is a software called Folder Colorizer which helps in adding color to your folders on windows operating system.

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Premium Web Hosting Account at $0.99-3 Years, Unlimited Plan and Many More Features

If you are running a website in Free blogging platform like Blogger or WordPress.com or any other place and you maybe planning to go for self hosted sites to take full control over blog.

Then here, this is the right time to move to self hosted blog because you can get a Premium Web Hosting Account for very very cheap price or I can even say as Free Premium Web Hosting Account, that is also not for a 1 or 2 month, it is for 3 Years!! at the cost price of only $0.99. Hostable is offering a limited period offer where in that offer you can get a 3 Year Premium Web Hosting Account with unlimited plans at cost lesser than $1. I can bet no one can offer this type of hosting offer.

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Top Free Web Instant Messengers to Chat Online

Sometimes we may need to chat with friends for just few minutes, think you don’t have that Instant Messenger (IM) what you are going to do? Are you ready to download that Instant messenger software? In such position it is better to have web-based Web Instant Messenger or we can also call it has Online Instant Messenger. So today I’m going to share some most popular Web Instant Messengers, some of these web instant messenger having even multiple IM messenger option.
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