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The Best Way to Check Spelling and Grammar on Browsers

Do you write lot of stuff from your browsers? If yes, then here is a best spelling and grammar checker for your browser. Being a blogger, I do a lot of writing stuff online. Sometimes I need to check spelling and grammar whatever I have written, till today I have used WordWeb dictionary to do this task. But the problem with WordWeb is, it cannot check grammar, and spelling suggestion is also not so good.

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Search Any PDF Files with PDF Team Search Engine

We search files or things using Google Search Engine, if you use Google to find PDF documents then you may not find proper result. If you are searching only PDF file, then it is good to use PDF search engines. We all know there are so many PDF search engines are available to search pdf documents. Do you think all the PDF search engine provide value to your search?? If not, here is new PDF search engine to search only PDF files.

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How to Highlight Important Text on Any Web Page you Visit?

Sometimes we need to highlight some text in webpage to show important text or point to other friends who are online. Instead of telling everything like see 2nd paragraph, 3rd line..so on like that, it is good to highlight on the webpage itself. But we all know it is not possible to control or modify other webpage without having a login information. So in this post I will show you how we can easily highlight any webpage with the help of “Awesome Highlighter”.

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Best Way to Get Old Google Image Search-Geeky Way

In my previous post I have shown six way to Get Old Google Image Search back. In that post you may find some hard steps to implement. So, I came with new, best and easiest way to get old Google image search back. In this post I’m going to introduce a Firefox Add-on to get old Google Image search back. The add-on what I’m going to introduce is an Redirector add-on, so with the help of that add-on we are going to redirect New Google Image search to Old Google Image Search.

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Translate Different Language Tweets on Twitter itself

Twitter is available for everyone for free of cost, so every country twitter users are joining and tweeting on twitter. Have you got other language Tweets in your Timeline? If yes, here is a tools to convert other language tweets to English language tweets on fly. All these tools are do the same task i.e converts different language tweets into English language tweets easily on twitter website.

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Gmail Automatically Redirecting to Calendar [Fix]

Is your Gmail account Redirecting to Calendar? or somewhere else? Here is fix for “Gmail Account Redirecting“. Yesterday my Gmail account also started redirecting to calendar. I don’t know what happened to It suddenly to do so. I tried to login other Gmail Account at the same time, but other Gmail account working fine without redirecting to anywhere else. I search it on Google, and what I noticed is other people also suffering from Gmail Redirecting in their Gmail account. Here I collected some of the solution for Gmail Keeps Redirecting.
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