Name Inclusion in Birth Certificate Bangalore

I wanted to include my daughter’s name on the birth certificate for quite a long time… For almost 1 year and 8 months, I keep postponing.

Now…, the time has come to finally act on it.

I was pretty new to this process.

I tried searching on Google to add the name to a birth certificate. Most of the results are just generic content without having any practical experience doing that work.

In this article, I’m sharing how to apply or add your child’s Name to the birth certificate.

This guide is especially applicable to the Bengaluru people.

This process cannot be done online. You have to physically visit the BBMP office to get it done.

If you are from a different city, this guide won’t apply. That process will be different than what I’m sharing here.

If that is the case, then what I recommend you is…  ask any parents who have 1 or 2-year-old kids with them to know the process.

Documents Required for Applying Adding Name in Birth Certificate:

1) Discharge Summary letter from the Hospital

2) Child Name

3) Parent’s Aadhar Card Xerox (both Dad and Mom)

Carry one pen to fill out the Name Inclusion Form.

Step by Step Instructions to Add Name to the Birth Certificate in BBMP Office:

1) Whatever the hospital your kid is born, they provide a “Discharge Summary” letter 2 days after discharging from the hospital

2) While you go to collect the Discharge Summary, ask the hospital receptionist where they can get the birth certificate

3) They will inform nearby BBMP office.

If you are unsure about the BBMP office address, you can ask them where it will come. They will answer and note down that.

4) If you are still unsure where it will come from, search on Google Maps, like BBMP Office near me.

I believe you need to apply near the hospital BBMP office.

I may be wrong here… I applied near the hospital BBMP office, which is near our house.

5) Ask any staff in the BBMP office where Birth certificates are issued. They will guide where they are issuing…

6) Go to that room and inform them you need to add your child name to the child’s birth certificate. They will give a Name Inclusion Form like the one below.

name inclusion in birth certificate form front side
bbmp birth certificate form backside

7) Fill out the form and attach 1 set of child both parents Aadhar cards and Discharge Summary Xerox and submit to them

8) For me, they gave one acknowledgement like the one below, which contains the child’s DOB, Parents names, Application given date, and Delivery date of birth certificate


9) They will tell you when you need to visit the office again to collect your child’s birth certificate. For me they gave 1 week after the application submission date.

They informed me to bring the Acknowledgment when collecting the child’s birth certificate.

If they gave that to you also, take that paper when you went to collect your child’s birth certificate.

Ha… Before leaving the office, I asked them if there were any fees we needed to pay?

They told ya… ₹100.

I paid for that and left the office.

For that ₹100, they didn’t give any receipt. I believe that ₹100 could be a bribe.

Anyway… that’s the process of Getting a birth certificate or adding a child’s name to the birth certificate here in Bangalore.

Next thing you need is your child Aadhar card. I have shared How to Apply Aadhar Card for Child Below 5 Years

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