Lock executable (exe) file with password

Sometimes it is necessary to protect executable files with passwords to stop using them from other users. So here is a small tool that can help you to protect any executable with a password.

We have seen much software to lock folders and others with the help of software, But most of them don’t aware of the software to lock exe files.

Empathy is one such program it helps you to protect any exe file with a password. It is a small tool and it is very portable to use. You don’t need to install this software before using this one, it is just a standalone file so that we can run it anywhere without installation.


Think that you are using a pen drive with a standalone password management tool, and you don’t like to install or run anyone without your knowledge. Then what you do? Are you able to take care of that all the time? NO, it’s not possible. However, in such a situation, we can use Empathy software to password protect our executable (*.exe) file.

One thing I like in Empathy software is if we create a password protect executable file and if we move that exe file to another system it is still password protected! you don’t need to worry about it.

The Bad thing is, you’re not able to protect exe files with more than one password without having a full license. Yes, it is Free, but not Freeware. It is postcardware means you are required to send a Postcard to the developer’s address with your photo taken in your country or place. After receiving that postcard, the developer will send the License Key to you through email.

Here what the developer is saying,

Unregistered version only allows you to use single character passwords. To register your copy, hold the Shift key on your keyboard and press the Help button. In the registration window that will show, enter the following information:

Name: Registered User
Serial number: A1CA013839CDB4

Download Empathy

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  1. What I love about this software is, its portability. I really like portable software much, they just do what I need without playing with my registry. Thanks Arun for sharing this with us.

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