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Thunderbird-Directly Send Junk mails to Junk Folder

By default thunderbird application won’t send spam/Junk mails directly to the Junk folder. Every time you receive junk mails on your thunderbird application, it just mark that mail with junk icon (flame icon) on your inbox. In this guide I will show you how to send junk mails automatically to your thunderbird junk folder.

Stop Gmail from Adding Contacts to your Address Book Automatically

Every time you send mail to any user in your Gmail account, the contact address is automatically added to our Contacts in Gmail. If you see your Gmail contacts, you’ll notice Other Contacts list. These are the contacts which automatically added by Gmail when you send any mails to users.

Check Balance of Any BSNL Mobile Number Online

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) one of the most popular Indian telecom company. Many users use BSNL service because of its Network availability. Did you know that we can check the balance of any BSNL mobile number online by just providing only mobile number? Yes!

ChromeIPass Allows you to Integrate KeePass with Chrome Browser

KeePass user? if you use KeePass software to store username and password for your online account, then here is a Google Chrome browser extension called ChromeIPass to integrate with KeePass application. Once you integrate your KeePass with Chrome, you will be able to fill login details automatically on your chrome browser.

Fix Error 0x80244018 in Windows Store

In windows 8 operating system we can install apps from windows store. Some users getting Error 0x80244018 in Windows Store when they try to download any apps. If you are receiving that error code, then here is a solution to fix that.

How to Delete All your Windows 8 Themes at Once

If you installed lot of themes on windows 8 operating system and when you try to delete all those themes, then you will notice that we cannot able to delete all those themes at once. In this post you will see how we can easily remove all installed themes at once.

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