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Remove All Your Twitter Followers Easily

UPDATE (25 August 2017): This Method No longer Works. Don’t Waste your time trying.

Thinking to clean up your twitter followers? Then here is the easiest method to remove all your twitter followers in bulk. I have been trying to remove all my followers for a long time, but I didn’t find any website or tool to do this work. Now I found one method by which we can quickly remove/delete all our twitter followers automatically.

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How to Copy Voice Memos to Your Computer

If you are using iPhone, then you might have seen Voice Memos app which comes as an built-in App. Have you ever tried that application? most of them not tried that app, because they don’t need to record anything to use that app. Recently I recorded audio using voice memo app, but after recording when I tried to copy that recorded file to my computer I didn’t get how to copy those voice memos files using itunes. If you are facing similar issue here I will show you how you can get your file.

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Install Eclipse on Your Windows OS, A Step by Step Guide with Screenshots

Want to install Eclipse to practice Java programs? I think you might have already tried installing eclipse software on your computer, but after installing eclipse you may noticed that it is not working for you. Actually what happens is, most of the new users who tries to install Eclipse don’t know the proper method to install it. So today I’m going to show you step by step tutorial on How to install Eclipse software on your Windows computer.

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