Compare Two Files on Notepad++ with Compare Plugin

Sometimes we need to compare two files, comparing those files manually takes a lot of time and more over some small errors will be skipped if we compare files manually. So comparing files using software is a good idea. Notepad++ is a one of the free editor and we can use this software to compare files by using  Notepad++ Compare plugin.

Some times we encounter to compare files, for example-when we are trying to find out errors in source code of any programs. We need to compare our error source code to executable source code. Thus finding errors helps us to understand the problem in our code.

So in this article, I will be showing you how can easily compare two files using Notepad++ software by using Notepad++ compare plugin.

Installing Notepad++ Compare Plugin

To compare any files, first, you need to install free Notepad++ Editor software. After installing that software, now we need install compare plugin for notepad++ software. To install that plugin open Notepad++ and look for Plugins option.

Select Plugins >> Plugin Manager >> Show Plugin Manager option.

installing compare plugin notepad++

Now you will see Plugin manager window. In Available tab look for Compare. Once you find that, select the plugin by checking the box and click install button to install compare plugin on notepad++.

plugin manager window notepad++


Once we install the plugin, now we are ready to compare any files on Notepad++ software.

Comparing Two Files in Notepad++ using Compare Plugin:

To compare any files using compare plugin first, we need to open the 2 files in Notepad++ editor that we need to compare. To open files, go to Files >> Open and locate files you need to compare.

After opening two files go to Plugins >> Compare >> Compare to start comparing two files.

compare plugin for notepad++

The compare plugin opens the 2 files in side by the side window, and by this way, it is easier to see the error or mistakes in our files.


If make any changes in any file then don’t forget to re-compare the files. The change made in files are not compared until you re-compare the file.

For every change in files are indicated by different colors.  You can customize those color by going to Plugins >> Compare >> Options.


If you compare files using this method then you can easily find

  • Line added
  • Line deleted
  • Line Moved
  • Line changed
  • Blank line

on your files.

If you don’t need to consider spaces during comparing files, then you can disable or enable by going to Plugins>> Compare >> Ignore spacing option.

If you want to change any settings of compare plugin, then can you change by navigating to Plugins>> Compare.


If you are looking for a free desktop software to compare files, then you can use this notepad++ software and compare plugin.



Compare Plugin

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