How to Change Default Filetype Associations in FileZilla

If you want to change default filetype association in filezilla software, then here is a tutorial to change it. Recently I started facing some filetype association in filezilla software when I tried to edit .htaccess file with filezilla program. It started showing some error like cannot be opened. If you are also one of them who are facing similar issue, then is a how to tutorial.

Background of Filetype Associations Problem:

Actually I was trying a Editplus text editor for few days. When I was trying edit+ text editor software I made it has a default text editor for few file type extension, in those extensions “.htaccess” is also one of them.

After trying few days I uninstalled editplus software. Now when I opened filezilla software to edit few files like .htaccess it started stowing error as

filetype associations error filezilla

The file ‘.htaccess’ cannot be opened:

The associated program (C:\Program Files (x86)\EditPlus 3\editplus.exe)

could not be found.

Please check your filetype assoications.


When I saw that error, I noticed that it is something related to file type extension association. So what I did was I changed file type association of .htaccess extension in windows file type association to default text editor like notepad.

And now when I tried to open the same file, it still shows the same error message. So I thought that I need to change the settings in filezilla itself. So after checking all filezilla setting I got the option to change filetype association.


How to Change Filetype Association in Filezilla (Text Editor):

This guide is to change the default text editor in filezilla software.

1. Open your Filezilla software, in Edit menu select Settings… option

filezilla settings


2. Now you will see Settings window. In that window choose “File editing” option

3. Now in right side choose “Use custom editor:” option

file editing filezilla settings

After choosing that option, below you will see Browse… button. Click on that button and navigate to any text editor location.

for example:


4. Once you select any text editor, now you click OK button.

That’s it.

Now you can edit the file without any “Cannot edit file” error in filezilla.


Video Tutorial:

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