Installing Oracle 11g on Windows Operating System

Last semester we have a DBMS lab in our course. So we need to install oracle software to work with sqlplus. Installing oracle is easy, but it is not the same as installing other application software. If  something went wrong in installing oracle software, then you cannot easily re-install the same oracle software again without formatting. But you can uninstall oracle completely and re-install fresh copy of oracle software without formatting your PC.

In this post I’m going to install oracle 11g on windows 7 64bit PC. The same procedure you can follow to install on other windows OS like XP, Vista 32/64bit PC.

Installing Oracle 11g on Windows 7:


1.In Oracle 11g folder click on the setup icon. After that you will see the window like as show below. In Installation Type: choose Enterprise Edition (2.9GB). In   Database Password: and Confirm Password: field. Fill those field with tiger and click Install button.

Installing oracle 11g


2. In the next step you will see window like below. In this window when you click Next button will get some error like

Some required prerequisite checks have failed. Please make sure the system meets all the requirements before install can proceed.”

oracle 11g error during installation


3. To fix that error just check the first two options i.e.,

Checking physical memory requirements…

Checking Network Configuration requirements..

check both the options and then click Next button to continue installation of Oracle 11g


Some required prerequisite checks have failed. Please make sure the system meets all the requirements before install can proceed.

4. It will ask permission like this click “Allow access” button to allow it

oracle 11g alert

5. In this step we don’t have to do anything, just click Next button

oracle configuration manager registration window

6. Here you click Install button

oracle 11g summary window


7. It will start Installing the products, we nothing to do here


oracle 11g installation


8. In this step don’t click any button just wait for few moments

configuration assistants window in oracle 11g


9. Don’t do anything here, when it completed it will display one more window(shown in step 10)

oracle 11g


10. Click Ok button

database configuration assistant


11. Now our oracle 11g is completely installed on our pc, and this is the last step. Click Exit button here

end of installation oracle 11g


12. It will ask for the confirmation like “Do you really want to exit?” click Yes

exit in oracle 11g



That’s it, now you have completely installed oracle 11g on Pc.


Video Guide on Installing Oracle 11g on Windows OS:


6 thoughts on “Installing Oracle 11g on Windows Operating System”

  1. Pleas give me web link to download Oracle 11g installer, I am using 64bit Laptop with Windows Home edition, when I tried to install Oracle Primavera Ver. 7, it is advising me to install Oracle 11g client.

    Please advice me…

    Thank you

  2. Hi Arun,

    We are going to upgrade now oracle 11g on windows 2012 R2, We are running SAP here , We want to install on new server so how we can migrate our data files from old server to new server ?

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