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Want to download aadhar card? then here is a step by step instruction with screenshot on how you can download your e aadhar card online on official aadhar card website. I recently wanted to download my aadhar card for some reason. When I tried downloading aadhar card by visiting official website, I was really confused with the interface. I didn’t get how I can download my adhar card. If you are in the same situation, then this post is for you guys.

Aadhar Card Download Online:

Not seeing “Enrolment ID” and “Aadhar” options?

Downloading aadhar card online is really easy. But in my case, it didn’t happen like that. Because when I open the official aadhar card website to download e-aadhar card I was seeing some different page than what I was supposed to see.

When I visit official page, it was asking me Username and Password to login to my Account! to download e-aadhar card. I don’t know why it happened like that, and I was clueless what I was supposed to do.

aadhar card download session expired

By default, it should show below interface/option to download e aadhar card. But for me, it didn’t show like that. Instead, it was showing some “Session Expired, Please login again” error message. At first I though maybe uidai (unique identification authority of India) might have changed the downloading method like that I thought.


aadhar card download option


Within few minutes, my brother came and fixed the issue. Because he was aware of how to download aadhar card before itself.

All he did is He just opened the Aadhar card download page in Private Window on Chrome browser and it immediately started showing “Enrolment ID” and “Aadhar” options which failed to show up earlier for me.

If you also faced such issue, then give it a try by opening in another browser or in a private window of your browser.

Other Possible Solution you can try if you see that login page are

  1. As I said earlier, try to open in Private Window on your browser
  2. Try on another browser
  3. Clear all browser data
  4. Visit this page to download your aadhar card
  5. Try after some time
  6. Try on another computer

How to Download Aadhar Card Online:

You can download Aadhar card online by two ways.

  1. By providing Enrolment Id
  2. By providing Aadhaar Number

In this article, i’m going to use 2nd option. Just follow the below steps.

    1. Visit official e-aadhar download page
    2. Choose “Enrolment Id” if you have enrolment ID or else choose “Aadhaar” if you have aadhar card number. I’m going to use Aadhar option here
    3. Next Enter your Aadhaar card number on the first field
    4. In Full Name field enter your full name exactly as it appears on your aadhar card. Please don’t leave any extra space, use punctuation similarly as it appears on your aadhar card.
    5. In Pin Code section enter the Pin Code which is present on your aadhar card
    6. Now type the characters which were shown in the above image and click on “Get One Time Password” button.
    7. You will receive an OTP (One Time Password) on your registered mobile number
    8. Enter the OTP on 2nd step and click on “Validate and Download” button to download your e aadhar card



Now you should be able to download your e-aadhar card in Pdf file. To open that file you need enter the password. The password is same as your PIN code which is present on your Aadhar card.

Let me know if you faced any other issues on comments.

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fara - April 9, 2016

after getting an otp thn in the second step when I want to enter otp it shows blank every time
I am not able to enter otp

    ARUN - April 9, 2016

    Keep trying… I think I also felt such problem. I guess after few attempts I got aadhar card.

    Make sure that you read full articles. I also faced few problem which I mentioned in this post with solution.

Shivaprasad - May 10, 2016

i got my adhara card thank you

Tomafo - September 16, 2016

This article is very helpful for users. I really like the information provided. I also try to find the referal link of Adhar card enrollment registration as well as provide that link. I want to enroll my details as well as my daughter in adhar enrollment to get adhar card.

with Thanks,

veer pal - October 1, 2016

mujhko 941515 se sim chahiye

AAV - January 20, 2017

Thanks a 100…opening the web browser in “Incognito mode” did the job THANK YOU

Babon dhar - April 1, 2017

My name is Bahar uddin
still i did not got my aadher card & number so how to find the card number? i don”t have the recipt also.
my phone:7019532099
Please help to get the same

bhuban bihari mohanty - May 7, 2017

i got the lady image who sold my land fraudulently fixing her image as my mother but all the other information is correctly mentioned and two witness also fraud. i collected that fraudulent lady immage from sub register office and filled f.i.r, now how can i get the real name and address from this immage. kindly suggest which will help me lot.
thanks with regards

    ARUN - May 8, 2017


    I’m not sure about that process. Please get in touch it Gov’t officials.

Smarter qa - January 11, 2019

How can I download adharcard without mobile number?


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