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Infolinks Launched World’s First Self-Service In-Text Ads Marketplace

Infolinks yesterday announced world’s first self-service In-Text ad marketplace.   Infolinks one of the most popular In-text ad network where they serve In-text ads, but all those ads are served by them till now. But now onwards you can have control over your ads it means now Advertiser manage their ads instead of infolinks.

Now onwards advertise can have full control over their ads-like keyword selection, keywords bidding etc.
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Premium Web Hosting Account at $0.99-3 Years, Unlimited Plan and Many More Features

If you are running a website in Free blogging platform like Blogger or or any other place and you maybe planning to go for self hosted sites to take full control over blog.

Then here, this is the right time to move to self hosted blog because you can get a Premium Web Hosting Account for very very cheap price or I can even say as Free Premium Web Hosting Account, that is also not for a 1 or 2 month, it is for 3 Years!! at the cost price of only $0.99. Hostable is offering a limited period offer where in that offer you can get a 3 Year Premium Web Hosting Account with unlimited plans at cost lesser than $1. I can bet no one can offer this type of hosting offer.

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Check your Website Progress Report in One Place Easily

Every blogger/webmaster has a dream to get more out of   his website, it’s better to know about our website report to improve our website performance. We usually check our website report with Google webmaster tool, but the Google webmaster tool provides details about how our website doing in search engine and not in the point users. Here is a new and nice tool to check our website progress or website report in a easy way.

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All New Bing webmaster Tool-Redesigned with New Features

Bing yesterday revamped their Bing webmaster tool. With the new design of Bing webmaster tools webmaster can now easily find more details about there website how our website doing on Bing search engine. In earlier version of Bing webmaster tool, webmaster are not able to see the details about how’s our website going on Bing. But with the help of new Bing webmaster tool webmaster can easily find some more details about how our site is doing. The new design much more similar to Google webmaster tool, but it doesn’t contains all the functions which is available in Google webmaster tool. Here is the some details about new in Bing webmaster tool.
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