YouTube: No Ads, Background Play Support with this App

If you use YouTube App to watch youtube videos, you will notice YouTube Ads on most of the videos. If you want to remove those YouTube Ads, then you need to upgrade to YouTube Premium. 

YouTube Premium is a subscription service; I’m sure many of them cannot afford the subscription service. 

If you are looking for an alternative solution, then in this post, I will show you how you can block youtube ads on the youtube app.

This method is only applicable to android users. If you are an iPhone user, then this method won’t work for you.

VancedApp: YouTube Premium Features for Free

VancedApp is the android app that offers.

  • YouTube ad blocking
  • Video Background Play option
  • Dark mode
  • Youtube Music without Ads
  • Youtube music background play feature¬†
  • It plays video even when the screen is Lock/Screen is off
  • You can Minimize the video entirely and do another task
  • UI is similar to official YouTube app

The good thing about this app is that its UI is similar to the official YouTube app itself, so that you won’t notice any difference apart from added extra features.¬†

I can find a few cons on this youtube vancedapp: Installing the Youtube Vanced app is not like installing the regular android app. It’s somewhat different.

YouTube Vanced Installation Process:

You can watch the below video to know the Youtube vanced installation process.

YouTube vanced app is not available on Playstore. You have to visit to download and install the app.

Please note: After installing this app, all the other apps permission you have accepted will get reset. 

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