Wunderlist 2- The Only To-Do App you need to Try

There are many To-Do app available in the market. I tried almost every app, but still I have not satisfied with any of them because lack of one or more feature. If you are still looking for best to-do app then read this post why wunderlist 2 is a great to-do app compared to other apps.

The Problem with other To-Do App:

For the past one week I have been continuously searching for best to-do app which servers my taste. When I tried any new app, I found one or more reason to not-to stay with that app. Here are the few reasons which I usually encountered.

  • Availability on other Platform: I personally looking for the to-do webapp which is available on almost all platform. Mainly I have been looking for-Windows To-do Software, Webapp and for my iPhone device. When I found any to-do app, I mainly noticed the lack of windows to-do software with their application.
  • Offline To-do App: Some app requires free users need to have internet connection to access to-do list. This is the most annoying thing which I found on some popular to-do app. I was looking for some sort of desktop to-do software which don’t need any internet connection to work.
  • Font Size: When it comes to to-do app, we are using this application for time management. When I tried any new application this is one of the most annoying thing which I frequently noticed.   The font used on their application is too small which is not good to enter or read the to-do list. I will be straining my eyes if I start using those app. Which reduces my productivity instead of increasing it.
  • User Interface: I was looking for very clean and simple interface. I don’t want my to-do app filled with lot of options which usually disturb my focus.
  • Server Down: With one app, I even encountered the server down problem I don’t want my to-do app server should go down.
  • It’s Should be Free: The app should be available free on all other platform.

After keeping all those point I was still looking for an to-do app. Later I found that wunderlist has launched it’s next version, that is wunderlist 2. I’m not new to wunderlist. I have tried it before. But now my hostel firewall has blocked that website so I cannot be able to access that site webapp. When I see new version, I found desktop version of to-do software is also launched and it won’t need any internet connection to work. When I tried that desktop to-do software, it was what I was actually looking for!

Why Wunderlist 2?

wunderlist 2- best to do software

Wunderlist 2 has lot more feature compared to any other to-do app. It solves all the problem which I have noticed on other to-do app.

  • Available for Free for: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac and Web
  • Offline T0-do Software: Wunderlist 2 have an desktop software, with that any user can use that software without internet connection or even without wunderlist account
  • Font size: You won’t strain your eyes using this app
  • User Interface: Excellent and Clean interface you will never get confused
  • Free: Available free for all devices
  • Options: You can set Reminder, due date, you can add sub task, add note and many more features available

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Visit:  wunderlist  

Download:    iPhone,  iPad,  Android,  Windows,  Mac  and  Web

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