Purchase any single WooTheme for 40$ [Offer]

WooTheme, a premium wordpress theme producer now running an offer. Those who are looking to purchase WooTheme, here is an new offer running by WooThemes officially   as the Soccer World Cup. This new offer allows you to purchase the single WooTheme for just 40$.

So, this is a nice offer if you are looking for buying only single theme in WooThemes. At present, the least pricing plan of WooThemes is 70$ for standard package, it contains 1+3 Premium wordpress themes+ other benefit pack is available. But they don’t allow you to make any purchase below or there is no plan below the standard package.

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But now WooThemes are running an offer, through this offer allows you to make a purchase of any single theme for your wordpress blog at 40$. And this is the cheapest plan available you to make purchase in WooThemes. I think this offer may help who are looking for woothemes coupon code.


New Price Plan:

New price list of wootheme

NOTE: This promotion is only available until the end of the World Cup (11 July).

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Ashok - June 24, 2010

single theme for $40,,,, it is too high,, i have design great theme than this for $30,,,


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