I bought the cheapest Windows 10 License… did it work?

I bought the cheapest Windows 10 License.. did it work?

My desktop PC suddenly started showing “Your Windows 10 License Expires Soon…“. 

If I remember correctly, I installed some pirated OS long back. 

Somehow it started showing License Expiring Soon message now.

So it’s time for me to buy a new license or try a new activation key.

I searched google to buy windows 10 license.. some are very expensive, like ₹7,000+ some are selling at a low price, like ₹400.

I was very skeptical of those cheap-price license sellers at first. But I decided to try them anyway because if I lose money, also it’s not a big amount.

Here is How cheap windows 10 license Activation went.

I have two options to buy – 

1) Buy a cheap license on Flipkart – 2-day delivery time

2) on Amazon.in – a new seller, instant activation 

Amazon offers Instant activation, so I went and bought on amazon. The only thing is… Amazon they don’t have enough reviews to buy with confidence. 

Still… I bought it from Amazon.in.

Did I receive the Key Instantly?

Nope… Even after 12+ hrs, I didn’t get any License Key. On the sales page, they promised it will delivered in 2hrs

Seems a little shady… I thought.

So went to Amazon.in and Tried to cancel the product.


The seller immediately sent License Key on Whatsapp. (which is not something amazon sellers do)

When I tried activating that windows 10 license key, it didn’t work.

I immediately contented the seller on WhatsApp, and he started giving a few other license keys, and the result was the same… 

When I told them, they asked for screen sharing with AnyDesk software. 

I did screen sharing… they tried with a few other license keys. After trying a few times, one key worked and activated Windows 10. 

After that, he sent me working windows 10 license key on WhatsApp.

If you go to Windows Activation windows it shows as…

Edition: Windows 10 Pro (Which is what I bought)

Activation: Windows is activated with a digital license linked to your Microsoft account.

windows 10 activation status
windows 10 activation status

Is the License Key Original?

I’m not sure how those sellers are selling those cheap licenses.. but somehow, it’s working fine. It could be original, or it could be fake. But for now, It’s worked for me.

Seems like the seller whom I bought is no longer available on Amazon.in. But other sellers are still selling on amazon and Flipkart.

Shop Windows 10 License Key on Amazon.in

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