Watch Distraction Free Videos on YouTube

If you visit YouTube then you will notice lot of videos around the video that you are watching. In most cases those videos will distract you from watching any particular video. Moreover, youtube background colour is white, for most users watching video with such background color won’t feel comfortable. If you want to enjoy videos for the fullest extent, then here is a solution for it.

Turn Off the Lights:

focus on video youtube

Turn off light extension in action.

Turn off the Lights is a browser extension which is available for Chrome, Firefox and many other browsers. What this actually do is, it Turn off lights on the screen or dims the color other than the video that you are actually watching.

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Once you install you will see small bulb icon on your browser, to enable this just click on that bulb icon. Once you activate this extension you will see the video much better by remove lot of distraction around the video.

You can control the opacity and color of the background by going to options. If you wish you can also use cool images behind the youtube video that you are watching.

change youtube video background

Using image as a background on YouTube player with Turn off lights extension.

This extension not only supports YouTube, it supports almost all type of flash content available on any page or websites. For example you use this extension to focus on any game which uses flash while playing on your browser.

There is an option where you can enables focus on video (dim background color) automatically as soon as you click play button on the video and thus you can avoid clicking on bulb icon manually.

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There are lot more features comes with extension as well, some of them are

  • You can automatically set the YouTube player to the larger size.
  • Automatically set the quality of YouTube videos: This feature will be helpful if you use low speed internet connection, and you always need to watch YouTube videos on specific quality/resolution. You can choose default, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p and highres option to play videos on those quality all the time.  Once you change the option here, you need to restart your browser to work.
  • Night mode option and many more…

Conclusion: If you watch lot of videos online, then try this extensions on your browser. It definitely helps in reducing distraction while watching videos. Other than that feature, you can also use this extension to play youtube videos on a specific resolution every time you watch youtube videos.

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