Our Washing Machine used to Walk

Anytime we use our washing machine, during the final spinning time, our washing machine always moves to different places, and the machine rotates to almost 180 degrees.

We tried many solutions, including the levelling washing machine with the help of a water level scale, calling an IFB technician, and placing different items below the stand.

None of them worked.

We have already decided there is no way we could stop our washing machine from moving to another location while using.

After every wash, we manually push our IFB 8 Kg front load washing machine to its original place.

All the time.

One day, my brother ordered something, which I didn’t know till those items arrived.

He came and showed those items to me.

I asked him what are those?

He replied These are the items to prevent the washing machine from moving to a different location.

I laughed, seeing those items first.

Because IFB is a popular company. Their stand is not working, and how these small cups could prevent, like I joked….

Let’s try once he replied.


We installed them on our 8 kg washing machine, which weight could come around 80 kg+.

Which is a heavier model…

I was unsure if those washing machine vibration pads can handle that much weight?

After having so many thoughts in my head, we decided to try.

We installed those vibration pads.

Switched ON the Washing machine and waited till the Final spin.



Our washing machine is 1400 RPM. Which is a higher-speed model machine.

Now, it came to the Final spin stage.

Fingers crossed.

All our family members were watching for this moment.




I was shocked to see the performance of these Anti Vibration Pads with Suction Cup Feet for washing machines.

It worked on the first try itself.

I have been using it for almost 1 year in my house, and it’s working absolutely fine without any issues.

If your washing machine also moves or rotates while working or during final spin time. I recommend you try them and see the magic.

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