How to Copy Voice Memos to Your Computer

If you are using iPhone, then you might have seen Voice Memos app which comes as an built-in App. Have you ever tried that application? most of them not tried that app, because they don’t need to record anything to use that app. Recently I recorded audio using voice memo app, but after recording when I tried to copy that recorded file to my computer I didn’t get how to copy those voice memos files using itunes. If you are facing similar issue here I will show you how you can get your file.

Copying Voice Memos Files to Computer:

When I first recorded a audio using voice memos app, I thought I can copy that audio files using itunes like other applications. That is, by going to App tab in that choosing File Sharing section and selecting the app and choose the file to copy to my PC.

But with this voice memos app I didn’t find any option to export my files. So it is different than what other app are offering to export files. After doing to quick search, I found that we need to follow other method to export file from voice memo app using itunes.

Ways to Export Voice Memos files:

We can export recorded files in Voice Memos app by 2 ways.

1. By Message or Mail

2. By iTunes


1.  By Message or Mail:

I think most of you are familiar with this method. This method is quite easy, because this options are easily available within the app to copy your files. But by this method, you will need to have an internet connection or you should be paying money for sending Message.

I personally think this options are not useful for everyone. If your files is in small size then we can easily  transfer over mail but if the file is in big size I don’t think it is a convenient way to send that recorded file.

Anyway, if you don’t know this method, then follow the below steps to copy or send recorded audio file using Message or Mail.

First, tap the recorded file which you want to send. Then, click on the square type box at left side and choose the Message or Mail method to send that file.

copying file using voice memo app

I’m sure most of you are not looking for this method to send recorded file.

 2. By iTunes:

If you are looking to copy recorded file in voice memos app by itunes, then follow this method. I feel, copying file using iTunes is one of the best way to get your recorded file. Because it’s easy, fast and convenient method.

1. First Connect your iPhone to iTunes using connecting cable

2.  Choose the Device in iTunes and then choose Music tab. In music tab, you will see “Include voice memos” option, check that option

3. Now sync your iPhone by clicking Sync button




4. Now you will see Voice Memos option below the PLAYLISTS at left side of iTunes. Now click on Voice Memos, in right side you will see your voice memos select anyone and right click and choose “Show in Windows Explorer” option to open folder containing your voice memos


opening voice memos folder itunes

This is the standard method to get voice memos by using your iTunes.

If you are facing any trouble with the above method or having big voice memo or having many memos, then try below method after trying above method.

In iTunes, Select File and choose Library and Then Choose Organize Library…

organize library itunes

Now you will get Pop up box, in that CheckConsolidate files” option and click OK button.

Now Sync again and check whether your voice memos present or not.


Didn’t Get Voice Memos tab?

If you didn’t get voice memos tab as given the step 4, then in Search box enter the recorded voice memos file name, you will see the memos click on that.

 search voice memos itunes

Now you will open the Voice Memos folder. To add Voice Memos to PLAYLISTS or to create Shortcut for that folder, Click on the Small arrow and choose Add To option

 add voice memo to playlists itunes

Now you will see New Playlist, choose that

creating new playlist in itunes

That’s it. Now you will see new playlist containing your voice memos, just rename it has “Voice Memos”.

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