Top 42 WordPress Plugins According to the Research of 500,000 Domains by Dreamhost

WordPress is one of the best blogging platform ever, because when it comes to customizing our blog we have a choice to choose thousands of Free WordPress Plugins. But if you are trouble in choosing a good and best WP Plugin, then here is a huge list of Top WordPress Plugin by DreamHost which recently conducted Research with 500,000 WordPress Domains hosted on there server.

DreamHost in his official blog, posted a list of Most Popular WordPress Plugins according to the WordPress-powered sites they have host. At Present DreamHost hosting 500,000 WordPress websites! Out of about 1 million total domain names they have hosted.

See the below chart what they have recently announced popular wordpress plugins according to the domains hosted on dreamhost server. Some Plugin listed in most popular wordpress plugins chart are comes with default wordpress installation through DreamHost and those plugins are marked by ** in this chart.

top wordpress plugin

In this Plugin list, I’m personally using first 10 plugins (I’m also a happy DreamHost Costumer) which they have listed in this chart. Hope you are also using some plugins from this list. If you thinking of installing new plugins to your WP blog, then take a consider of this list.

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