This AI Website can help you

These days everyone is talking about AI (Artificial Intelligence). You might have noticed this in your Social media profile. 

Today I’m going to introduce one such AI website called OpenAI.

Don’t underestimate what it can do before you even try it. 

I did that initially, but after seeing so many of them start talking about that site, I thought to give it a try.

Once I tried, my mind was blown 🤯

This website can ANSWER any questions you can ask in a fraction of a second.

Consider this OpenAI as your Friend who can help whatever you ask for.

Let’s try both of us:

1) First, you need to signup at and login to the website

2) In the bottom of the empty box, ask your query

Example 1: ask the boss for a sick leave

Example 2: write an essay on pollution 

Example 3: create a shortcut to shutdown pc ( it done much better than my article itself 🙂)

Example 4: Who is the current Indian PM

Okay.. the list could keep going on. 

Just go ahead and ask anything there, and it will answer!

Currently, it’s FREE. So if you have 10 minutes, Try it!

Try OpenAI at:  

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