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ManageWP to Manage Two or More WP Blogs in Single Place

Are you a webmaster who are running more than two or more blogs in wordpress? And want to manage all those wordpress site in one place? If you want to control you wordpress blogs/sites in one place then now it is possible with MangeWP site. Manage WP allows users to add more than two wordpress blog to Manage WP account and after adding those, we can easily control all the added wordpress blog in one place.
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Is your free or premium theme providing 268 theme options?

Atahualpa Free WordPress Themes

Bloggers, get ready to feel the taste of 268 theme options in your wordpress theme! and designers, it’s your time to work on building more than 268 theme options in your theme. The Atahualpa WordPress theme is one the most powerful wordpress theme, which is providing you 268 theme options to customize your wordpress theme without touching any code. I think, Atahualpa wp theme is the highest theme option currently providing in the world. I’m not sure about it, but as per my knowledge it is the highest theme option you can get in available wp themes.

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How to stop getting mails when you receive comments, pingback in wordpress

When I created this blog I haven’t received more comments in my blog, but now I’m getting few comments on every post. What if those comments are sent to your inbox? for every time users left comments in your blog and when I approve those comments in my blog dashboard, the approved comments are also sent to my inbox. Shit, my mail box is flooded with Comments mail.

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2 best contact form you need to try!

All website most have contact form and about us page. In the same way yesterday I also tried to implement those pages in my site. I started searching for good contact form to add to my site. Previously I’m using kontactr   contact form after thinking a lot I thought it is not a good for WordPress blog because we are having lot of good plugin which are available with some extra function. So now I’m going to list those best two plugin to make contact form in WordPress blog.
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