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Remove All Your Twitter Followers Easily

UPDATE (25 August 2017): This Method No longer Works. Don’t Waste your time trying.

Thinking to clean up your twitter followers? Then here is the easiest method to remove all your twitter followers in bulk. I have been trying to remove all my followers for a long time, but I didn’t find any website or tool to do this work. Now I found one method by which we can quickly remove/delete all our twitter followers automatically.

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Download Windows Live Essentials 2011 Beta 2 Available Now! [Full Installer]

Windows Live Essentials beta

In our previous post we blogged about Windows Live Essential wave 4 beta offline installer now today Microsoft announced its new beta 2 version for Windows Live Essential 2011 beta. As you may Know about Microsoft provide only online installer to install, but this time we have collected a Full or Offline installer to Windows Live Essential 2011 beta 2 or Refresh version. Here is a few feature which they have added in latest version of windows essential beta 2 and Full download link.

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Know your Twitter Activity with Twifficiency

Are you using Twitter? And what to know how active you on Twitter? Here is a nice twitter apps to know your twitter activity. Twifficiency is a free twitter apps that helps you to how you are active on twitter. It is easy to use and free service. Twifficiency calculates your twitter efficiency based on your twitter activity. This includes how many people you follow, how many people follow you, how often you tweet and how many tweets you read.
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Magpie-A Twitter Advertising Company is for Sale!!

If you are a twitter user then you might be know about Magpie, a famous twitter advertising company is now planning to sell their domain. In the official Magpie blog they have posted about the planning to sell their domain. Most of the Twitter users who are using Magpie service they are making some decent amount of money with it. This news maybe shocking for them. Here what they have said in the official announcement.

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Find Out your First Tweet on Twitter-6 Ways to Find!

I’m a big fan of Twitter and addicted to it. If you are also like me, then your twitter profile may contain lot of tweets. Have you think or do you know what’s your first Tweet on Twitter? Mostly, your answer will be No. If you are having an eager to know about your first tweets on Twitter, then this post is for you. There are different ways to find our first Tweets on Twitter, I’m going to share all those ways in this post.

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Best Way to Read Tweets in RSS Readers-Remove Username

If you are using RSS Reader to read Tweets then you may be noticed that, In RSS readers Tweets are displayed with Twitter Username and there is no way to remove those username. It won’t looks cool to read those tweets if it contains Twitter username and it also takes some space. So it is good to remove those usernames from RSS readers. Here is a trick to remove Twitter usernames from RSS readers easily.

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Translate Different Language Tweets on Twitter itself

Twitter is available for everyone for free of cost, so every country twitter users are joining and tweeting on twitter. Have you got other language Tweets in your Timeline? If yes, here is a tools to convert other language tweets to English language tweets on fly. All these tools are do the same task i.e converts different language tweets into English language tweets easily on twitter website.

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