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Lock executable (exe) file with password

lock-exe-file Some times it is necessary to protect executable file with password to stop using it from other users. So here is a small tool which can help you to protect any executable with password. We have seen many software to lock folders and others with the help of software, But most of them don’t aware of software to lock exe files.

Empathy is one such program it helps you to protect any exe file with password, It is a small tool and it is very portable to use. You don’t need to install this software before using this one, it is just a standalone file so that we can run it anywhere without installation.

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Top 2 free software to color Folders

If you are a regular computer user, then I’m sure in your computer have a lot of folders. If you are going to open those folders, sometimes you may get confused because all folders are in the   same color folder. So, in this post I’m going to introduce top 2 free software to add color to your folders.

We may have a lot of folders in our computer, but we use some folders daily to access files. To make easier to identify those folders we can use some software to “color folder” or changing the way of look of that folder using small utility.

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