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Comodo Released Comodo Programs Manager [New]

Comodo, one of the famous security company recently released a new program called “Comodo Programs Manager” which aims to help you to manage programs/software which you have installed on your computer. It is works similar to our default program manager which is available in windows itself but, with the comodo Programs Manager it is easier to user and manger programs compared to our default option.
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Ready to Experience Real Time Tweets in TweetDeck and Other Twitter Clients

We have been used Twitter clients like TweetDeck form a long period, have you experienced Tweets in Real Time in those Twitter desktop clients? If you say Yes, then  you are wrong because the super real time tweets are shortly coming to your twitter desktop software. TweetDeck and other famous twitter client are already testing new version or say “Real Time Tweets” features in there software. TweetDeck is now offering beta tester to their new version of the software only through invites, if you want to be part of it here is steps how to get it.

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Automatically Find Out Lyrics of the Song when it is Played

Music lover? oh.. sometimes you need to ‘find out lyrics‘ of a song, what you do on that time? Are you searching Internet to find out lyrics? No, don’t do that job again because there is an excellent way to find out lyrics of songs easily without doing anything. The only task you need to do is just start listening song in Windows Media Player or Winamp which you need to find out lyrics, then you will automatically get song lyrics. Continue reading

Stop using Default Search Option in your PC, And see This Software Once

You may get some confused about what title is saying, if you so-The title is trying to say that we need to stop using default search option which is available in our computer (O.S) because there is a better alternative options is available for desktop search. We all use default search in computer daily to search some file in our computer, and you may noticed that default search option takes some time to enter file name and we need to set parameter to search option especially in XP. You may find your correct result, but searching takes long time (minutes) to find it. But today I will show you a “Desktop Search Engine” to search files in our pc like a rocket speed. Continue reading

Grab the Genuine License Key of BitDefender for 1 Year! from BitDefender

It’s important to protect our system from virus to safe guard our precious data which is available on our PC or on our Internet activity. Because these days hackers are managed to steal our data with various activity without knowing to our knowledge. So it is recommend to use some good antivirus. Good antivirus means it’s better to go some standard and premium antivirus which is available on the net. BitDefender is one of best, standard and Top antivirus company in the Antivirus field. BitDefender is not having any free antivirus product, all BitDefender Antivirus are premium products so you need to pay to start using it.But here is giveaway running by official BitDefender Twitter account where you can get “BitDefender license” Key (Genuine) for 1 Year.

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A Software to Enhance your Desktop Look

I love my computer and I always love to keep my computer attractive. Desktop is one of the most used and most seen item of our computer so it is our duty to keep our desktop clean,organized and attractive. To keep desktop more attractive we need to properly arrange desktop icons, but even after arranging desktop icons, our desktop won’t look cool because of so many icons which are present in our desktop. Here is a desktop software which helps us to arrange our desktop icons in a cool way to enhance our desktop look.
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Explorer++, A Nice Software for Windows Power Users

Do you use your computer daily? If yes, here is a nice software for windows power users. Explorer++ (Explorer Plus Plus) is nice and powerful software/application for your windows based O.S. Explorer plus plus is an Free and powerful alternative to windows explorer software what we use daily. We all use windows explorer to explore the files in our computer, but do you feel the default windows explorer software is providing enough functions to you? No, windows explorer software   is not a having a powerful functions in it. Here an excellent, free and powerful alternative to your windows explorer software.
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Kaspersky launched Internet Security 2011 and Anti-Virus 2011

The leading antivirus company Kaspersky launched Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011 recently. Both the new version of antivirus contains a lot of new features compared to 2010 versions. They have also changed the design of the Kaspersky anti-virus compared to the old versions. Here are the list of key feature which you can find in new versions of Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011.
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