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Buy Kaspersky Products Now and Get 4 Months Extra Validity [Indian Users]

Update: This offer is over, you can visit Flipkart or Amazon.in to choose best offer.

Kaspersky running an offer in India, where in that offer users can get 4 months extra validity for selected Kaspersky antivirus products. This offer is available till  31st Dec 2013. If you are thinking to buy kaspersky antivirus product, then this is the right time to act to save more money.

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Using CCleaner? It’s Time to Change…JetClean, A Wonderful PC Cleaning Utility

Most of you might have know about CCleaner Software, a best PC Cleaning software. Which is one of the most popular software to clean junk files on our computer and thus optimizes our PC performance. Till now, as of my knowledge, there is no such software comes closer to that tool in terms of features and performance. But now, it’s time for us to change that software to a new PC cleaning Utility called “JetClean”.

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Now You Can Easily Track Noisy Tabs with Chrome Browser

How many times you have encountered web pages which automatically plays video, songs or uses your web cam without your knowledge? and how much you struggled to find out those tabs? I personally faced many times a week finding such noisy tabs in my browser. From now onwards you don’t need to struggle to find such tabs. Because, Google chrome browser bringing a new update where you can easily identify tabs which are playing songs, videos or using webcam.

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Google Chrome Soon Stop Supporting Extensions Outside Google Store

Google chrome official blog announced that, they will soon stop supporting extensions hosted outside the Google store. According to their announcement, bad users  abused there system (where users can install extensions outside the store). They even received many complaints regarding this. What happening is, some of the google chrome extensions hosted outside the Google store installing the extensions by bypassing the prompt to silently install malicious extensions. Which thereby alters the default settings of the chrome browser and thus causes bad  user experience.

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Install Eclipse on Your Windows OS, A Step by Step Guide with Screenshots

Want to install Eclipse to practice Java programs? I think you might have already tried installing eclipse software on your computer, but after installing eclipse you may noticed that it is not working for you. Actually what happens is, most of the new users who tries to install Eclipse don’t know the proper method to install it. So today I’m going to show you step by step tutorial on How to install Eclipse software on your Windows computer.

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Feedly Bookmarklet to Subscribe Feeds Easily

Updated on 09 Jan 2020: Updated new Feedly bookmarklet subscribe button.

Feedly is now one of the famous alternatives to Google Reader. Many users now shifted to their RSS reader to Feedly. But when it comes to Feedly, subscribing to your favorite blog not as easy as Google Reader. Because when I was in Google Reader, I used their bookmarklet on my browser bookmarks bar to easily subscribe to blogs. But Feedly doesn’t offer such Bookmarklet yet.

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