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Heat, Cold, Water, Pressure and Drop-Resistant Pen-Drive!

When it comes to transferring data from one pc to anther we all use Pen-Drive to move it. But most of our USB flash drives are not strong, and we need to take care of it, otherwise we will lose all the important data stored in it. Here an amazing product form LaCie company which is recently announced a product called “LaCie XtremKey” a USB flash drive. Which is having the capability withstand in Heat, cold, water, pressure and drop-resistant, means we can handle that pen drive without care of environment.

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World’s largest Google Nexus One Phone [video]

Here is a nice video of world’s largest Google Nexus One Phone!. This video already viewed by 2,39,561 when I’m writing this post. World largest nexus one phone built by Google itself, you cannot keep this phone in your pocket because it’s too big, and note that it’s not an working version, it’s just for demo purpose and it controlled by MAC mini running windows.

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Dual Screen Laptop will be available soon

Yes, you heard is right. Toshiba has announced his new laptop called libretto W100, Which is having a dual screen facility in it. This libretto W100 may be a replacement for even your iPad too! seems this pc is designed for that purpose only. Libretto W100 is a mobile pc so you can take it to anywhere you want by placing it in your pocket. Here are the few feature, images and video of Libretto W100.
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Google Images Gift Box- Google in a Box!

We all use Google in a daily life, but let’s try the new way of using Google. For searching purpose we use Google.com website in the same way someone designed a new Google box which works as Google search engine but looks very nice. This Google box is built on the basis of CSS and 3D. I don’t know how it is works, it’s really a creative design. Try once, I’m sure you will defiantly enjoy it.
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The Ad that made me to click 79+ clicks!!

All people see ads in daily life it may be in TV channels or it may be in Internet. Some people like ads and some other don’t. Today what I am talking here is not related to TV channel ad, but it related to Internet. I like creative ads, but usually don’t click on them if it’s not related to me. When I am browsing in search of a good white minimal theme for my site I landed on one site, their I saw interesting ad.

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