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How to Rotate Video Clip and Save it

Recently I shot a video on my iPhone 4s. But when I played that video on my desktop, the video is not appearing correctly. The video is rotated to 90 degrees so I cannot play the video in a proper way. If I want to view that video in a proper way, then I need to rotate that video to 90 degrees. After searching hours together on net I found only few working method to rotate videos easily.

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Delete History Stored in All Browsers,Clipboard and Windows in Just One Click

When we use computer and internet, our PC automatically stores our activities. Regular computer user may find inconvenient to get through with the harmful junks and traces that get accumulated after using the computer or internet . Clearing history, traces on PC may take long time based on the number of application you are using.  Removing traces on each and every application is really tedious process.

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Scan, Fix or Delete broken shortcuts with Broken Shortcut Fixer

Introducing a new application to Scan, Fix or Delete the shortcut (icon on your desktop that allows quick access to files, folders and programs)   from different directories in our laptop or Desktop.   In our day to day life we install and uninstall many software which will   uncertainly create many broken shortcuts on   our start menu and directories (Drives). Using the new introduced Tool named as Broken Shortcut Fixer we can repair or delete the shortcut as per our requirement.

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