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Create your Own Music Online with Aviary Music Creator for Free

Sometimes we may need some different sounds or unique sounds for our projects or for our YouTube video. If you are not a professional music creator then you may need to buy music online or offline shops. If you don’t have money or simply don’t want to spend huge amount of money for music then here is free tool called “Aviary Music Creator” which can helps you to create music online. I think Aviary music creator is one of the most simple and easiest way to “create music online” that’s also for free.
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Translate Different Language Tweets on Twitter itself

Twitter is available for everyone for free of cost, so every country twitter users are joining and tweeting on twitter. Have you got other language Tweets in your Timeline? If yes, here is a tools to convert other language tweets to English language tweets on fly. All these tools are do the same task i.e converts different language tweets into English language tweets easily on twitter website.

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Six Ways to use Old Google Image Search Option [Updated]

Google recently redesigned it’s Old Google Image Search, with this change there are lot options changed in Google Image Search engine. If you used new Google image search engine you will notice that this new features is annoying for people and lot people are taking that new Google Images SUCKS!. If you one of those who don’t like new Google Images search option, then here is different ways to switch to old Google Image Search engine.

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Automatically Find Out Lyrics of the Song when it is Played

Music lover? oh.. sometimes you need to ‘find out lyrics‘ of a song, what you do on that time? Are you searching Internet to find out lyrics? No, don’t do that job again because there is an excellent way to find out lyrics of songs easily without doing anything. The only task you need to do is just start listening song in Windows Media Player or Winamp which you need to find out lyrics, then you will automatically get song lyrics. Continue reading

Check your Website Progress Report in One Place Easily

Every blogger/webmaster has a dream to get more out of   his website, it’s better to know about our website report to improve our website performance. We usually check our website report with Google webmaster tool, but the Google webmaster tool provides details about how our website doing in search engine and not in the point users. Here is a new and nice tool to check our website progress or website report in a easy way.

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How to Get Affiliate Link from Amazon Associates Program

Amazon Associates is one of most famous affiliate program available in the Net. Some bloggers making decent amount of money with Amazon affiliate program. To make money with Amazon associates what we need to do is to promote the products which is available in the Amazon website by embedding the products links in our websites with our Amazon Affiliate Id or Tracking ID or Amazon Associates ID . For newbie’s they get some trouble in getting the products from Amazon site with their affiliate Id to start promoting the affiliate products on their site. Even when I joined the Amazon affiliate program I also tried of searching for the answer to the question “how to get Amazon affiliate id?” after searching a lot I came to understand how to get the affiliate product from the Amazon site.

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Download and Installation Steps to Indian Rupee Symbol Font

Indian government announced Indian rupee symbol for Indian currency. But the thing is, we cannot able to type the Indian rupee symbol in your present PC due to the unique character introduced by our Indian Government. The rupee symbol is not available in our present Keyboard, so we cannot able to type Rupee symbol from our old Keyboards. But some Guys released a Font for Indian rupee symbol. By using rupee font we can able to type Indian rupee symbol with our present Keyboard. Here is a tutorial for how to install Indian rupee font in your PC.
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How to Check/Uncheck Multiple Check boxes in Single Click on any Web Page

Don’t have Select All option in webpage to check the check boxes? Then here is a way to auto check or mass check the check box which doesn’t have Select All button/option in that web page. If you are using twitter related web apps, than you may notice that all twitter mass follow and mass unfollow web apps have disabled the Select All option in their site it’s because of Twitter new Terms and Condition doesn’t allow to mass check the check box by single click. So all Twitter web apps disabled one click check all option. If you are suffering from this type of issues, then here is the solution for it called Checkfox addon for Firefox browser.

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