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How to Disable Web Push Notification on Firefox

disable web push notification on firefox

I’m tired of those sites keep asking “Never miss updates” kind of web push notification on the browser. These days almost whatever the site I visit, they keep showing such alreats on the browser. I’m fed up seeing those and tired of clicking “NO” to such notification request. Even our Adblock extension cannot help in blocking such alerts. I was eagerly waiting for some good solution to avoid those web push notification completely.

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Search Any PDF Files with PDF Team Search Engine

We search files or things using Google Search Engine, if you use Google to find PDF documents then you may not find proper result. If you are searching only PDF file, then it is good to use PDF search engines. We all know there are so many PDF search engines are available to search pdf documents. Do you think all the PDF search engine provide value to your search?? If not, here is new PDF search engine to search only PDF files.

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IBM Welcomes Firefox Browser Now

IBM (International Business Machines) now moving to Firefox has their default browser. Bob Sutor vice president of open source and Linux at IBM, wrote a blog post yesterday titled “Saying it out loud: IBM is moving to Firefox as its default browser.”

No doubt Firefox is a worlds best browser and now extra 400,000 members are adding to Firefox users because of the announcement of IBM moving to Firefox. Don’t know why 400,000 members are adding to Firefox users? IBM is having 400,000 employees around the world and making   Firefox has their default browser helps in increasing Firefox users.

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