Sudden Hike in Electricity Bill on One of our Tenant Due to Meter Reader Mistake

This happened recently (05/09/2021) with one of our tenant (renter) buildings. When Bescom meter reader came to bill electricity, he wrongly took meter reading units and generated BESCOM bills.

When I collected the electricity bill, I was shocked to see the statement.

They billed ₹1,682.

Wrong BESCOM Bill
Wrong BESCOM Bill

They are the first Tenant who occupied our new house and are still with us. I have been seeing them since 2018. I know how much they use electricity. Their electricity bill should be around ₹300.

I got suspicious, checked the meter with the bill, and noticed the wrong unit on the bill. But by this time, the meter reader already left our building.

I immediately called the meter reader and told him about the issue. Within few minutes, he also reached our building and checked for error.

He agreed with the mistake.

But to fix the issue, he needs to get it done in the BESCOM office itself. I asked them to fix it, and he did it in 24 hours.

After they fix the wrong electricity bill, their bill came to ₹412 instead of ₹1,682.

After fixing wrong BESCOM bill, bill came around ₹412 instead of ₹1682
After fixing wrong BESCOM bill, bill came around ₹412 instead of ₹1682

If the Tenant is dealing with electricity bills, then Tenant could complicate this process as it involves visiting the BESCOM office back and forth. You might know the difficulty of dealing with government officers. I am not going to discuss things required to solve any government-related problems.

Anyway, in our 1 bhk house in soladevanahalli, we handle all our tenant electricity bills from our end. Tenant need to pay the electricity consumption bill to us. They don’t need to visit any government office to pay bills or deal with such unexpected issues. We take care of them with all such hassles.

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