How to Split A Large PDF File with Movavi PDF Editor

There can be many reasons why you might want to split a large PDF file. Large files can be difficult to work with if you have to send them to someone via email or you need to work on a specific part of the file.

Often, parts of a document might be confidential, and other parties might not have the clearance to view or work on these parts. Splitting PDF files comes in handy in such cases. With a PDF editor, you can split a file into pages or multiple files as per your requirements.

In case you need to share a specific part of a large PDF file, you can easily share only that part by splitting the file to create a new file with the required pages. Splitting the file also makes it easy to print only the required pages without the need of remembering which page numbers to print.

Many users prefer using free online services for splitting large PDF files, but this comes with a range of drawbacks and risks. While you can use a number of online services to split a PDF file, there is always a risk that the security of your documents might be compromised. For PDF files with sensitive information, data security is a real issue and uploading them to an online splitting service should be avoided at all costs.

Online services can also take time to split a large PDF file, and you might not get the final result in the format that you were expecting. Another disadvantage of using an online service for PDF file splitting is that you might need to sign up or pay for the services at some point. Also, if your computer is not connected to the internet or you have an unreliable internet connection, you might not be able to split a file.

In such instances, having a dedicated PDF file splitting software can be really useful. With a dedicated software like Movavi PDF Editor, you can rest assured that you will be able to split your file as needed and in a secure manner.

Steps to Split Large PDF Files using Movavi PDF Editor

Once you install the software on your Windows laptop or Macbook, there are three primary ways to split a PDF file with Movavi PDF Editor. Let’s take a quick look at these three methods.

1) Split PDF in Pages Mode – Start the Movavi PDF Editor and open the PDF file that you want to edit. You can split the file into individual pages for ease of emailing and printing. Enter the page management mode of the program by clicking the Pages button on the top bar.

Split PDF File in Page Mode

In this mode, you can either save a single page or multiple pages. To extract several pages from the PDF, hold the CTRL key (Cmd on Mac), and click on each page that you want to select.

Another way to select several pages in a series is by holding Shift and clicking on the first and last page to select every page in between the two.

Extract Pages From PDF File

Once you have selected the pages you want, you can click the Extract button in the right sidebar and choose the location where you want to save the new file. Simply add the file name and click save. You can view your selected pages in the new PDF file that you just created.

Delete Pages from a PDF File

You can also delete the pages from a PDF file once you have selected the pages in the document by clicking Delete button. This will remove the selected pages and give your source file a smaller size for ease of transfer and printing. In case you want to remove sensitive information from a document, this option can be useful.

2) Extract Pages in View Mode

Split PDF File in View Mode

There are times when you only need to get a few pages from a large PDF file. Movavi PDF Editor offers quick operation in view mode for extracting a small number of pages without going into the Pages mode. Just open the file and select the pages as described above. Then right-click on any of the selected pages and choose Extract. Save the resulting file in the folder of your choice by giving it a new name and click save.

3) How To Save Pages as Images

If you want to save the pages of your choice as BMP, PNG, or JPG format images, then you can use this feature of the Movavi PDF Editor. After opening the PDF file, select the pages you want to save, then right-click and choose the Convert option. You can select the output format you want to convert the file into from the context menu. Save the images in the folder of your choice after entering a name for these images.



With the options provided by Movavi PDF Editor, you can extract the needed pages from a PDF in any way you require. The software is easy to use with intuitive controls, and you can quickly work on large PDF files too. Whether you want to create a new PDF file from an existing file or you want to delete pages from a file to streamline the information given in a file, you can do it all with this software.

The software also excels at merging and rearranging the pages of PDF files in the order you want. If you have a batch of images, you can convert them to a PDF file with the Movavi PDF Editor as well. To learn more, please visit Movavi PDF Editor official site and download the Movavi PDF Editor to split your PDF files.

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