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Twitter is one of the most popular website or service which is used by millions of people around the world. Now a day twitter is rolling out new features in twitter has I said in my previous post they starts advertising and twitter teaching on YouTube, but one thing we seriously missing is sending sms to tweet. It is better if can able to send sms to twitter and that sms is posted into tweet, but unfortunately   we don’t have this option officially from twitter and thus twitter is missing thousands of new costumers. So in this post I’m going to show you how ordinary text sms can be tweeted on twitter.

It is not possible to have an internet connection in every home or every where, but if you planning to use twitter we need internet connection as we all know. If you thinking so, you’re wrong because there is website which is ready to provide free service to send sms to tweet or I can say tweet from mobile without having GPRS set or GPRS connection.

The website which can help to sending an sms to tweet is smstweet. This Sms Tweet providing a service with the help of that website we can easily send a text message to tweet, means we can easily update our twitter status by just one sms.

So if   you are having a question about how to tweet from mobile?, how to send sms to twitter? then the only answer that I can say is Sms Tweet.

I have tested their service personally and they update our twitter status within a minute of the sms they delivered. If twitter is busy, then the update of your twitter status through the sms may delay because of twitter ( nowadays twitter site is too busy!, we often see whale moments).

How to use SMS Tweet?

  1. Go to smstweet
  2. You will see “Sign in with Twitter” button click on it and sign in with your twitter account to add.
  3. After doing this step, you have successfully added your twitter account to sms tweet and now onwards you can start updating your twitter status with just text sms.

Updating Twitter with sms:

To update your twitter status with text sms you need to send sms as

TWT Your Message To

09220092200 (Mumbai)   OR

09243000111 (Bangalore)

For example: I’m near to Bangalore, so I send sms has

TWT here goes tweet message TO 9243000111

There are different commands are there, you can get more commends in smstweet website.


  • It’s free service
  • No need to have Internet connection to update your twitter status
  • I can forward sms to twitter
  • Portability
  • Easy to use


  • Only local sms cost! (mine that’s also free)
  • Only Indian user can use this, sorry for other country users 🙁

In my opinion this is really cool service and every Indian must use this service if you’re using twitter. I’m a big lover of twitter (@pkarunkumar) and now I’m using often to forward joke or quote sms which is sent by my friends to my twitter account.


What do you think about this service? do you know any other sms to tweet service? how do you use SMStweet? share your opinion on comment.




Update (16 September 2012): Some users reported that, this service is no longer working.

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Nabeel Ahmed - June 19, 2010

Great Service, I have been looking for such service. Millions of twitter users in India will be happy.

    P.K.ARUN - June 19, 2010

    Yes, defiantly. Even I’m one of them 🙂

Fahad - February 14, 2011

In Pakistan users can update their twitter via sms by using service of . its total free, you can update your twitter just by sending sms..

    Arun - February 16, 2011

    Thanks for adding valuable comment.

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