Shorten your url with Adding Password to it

Sometimes it is necessary to shorten some long url into tiny url. When you search on Google you may find plenty of url shortner service. Some of the famous url shorten service are and as we all know it. But both the url Shortener service doesn’t provide security to protect it from visiting others. It is always better to share some confidential information with people you know, on that time we may need to use Password Protect url. Trickly is the only service available to password protect the shortened url.

Before writing this post I searched for few website which can helps us to shorten url with password protect option. I found few website, but all the website which I found to password protect url shortner are not available today. The only website which can helps you to shorten and password protect is

Using to Shorten and Password Protect url:

  1. Visit to shorten your long url and to protect that url with passwordpassword protect url-trickly
  2. In the URL column enter your long url ( to shorten that url.
  3. In Password field enter your password to protect that original url redirection
  4. In Clue field give some clue about that password, so that only people who know about you can access the original url (
  5. The last step is just click Shorten button, you’re done!. In the next step you will get small url with password protecting the original url.

shorten url with password protect

In the above process, I have chosen long url as and after shortening it with   short url service the long url converted into short url i.e with password protecting original url.

To know how works just visit after visiting that short url it will ask you to enter password giving clue about the password. Only when the person/visitor enter the valid password (ashout) as provided in the 1st step, then only redirect to the original url i.e . If the user provided the wrong password then won’t redirect.

password protect url

SECURITY TIP: Never provide the password which you use to login some main services (gmail).


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Submit Guest Posts - July 17, 2010

There is a huge list of URL shorten service, however not all are good. Only few are useful, including this one.

Himanshu - July 17, 2010

it good yaarr 🙂

ehehdada ltd - November 16, 2017

Try our URL shortener too


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