Scan, Fix or Delete broken shortcuts with Broken Shortcut Fixer

Introducing a new application to Scan, Fix or Delete the shortcut (icon on your desktop that allows quick access to files, folders and programs)   from different directories in our laptop or Desktop.   In our day to day life we install and uninstall many software which will   uncertainly create many broken shortcuts on   our start menu and directories (Drives). Using the new introduced Tool named as Broken Shortcut Fixer we can repair or delete the shortcut as per our requirement.

Shortcuts can become broken. You may have discovered this when you attempted to run a program or open a file using a shortcut on your desktop that returned an error instead of performing it’s normal action. This is possibly one of the most frustrating problems in Windows. Shortcuts are there to make your life easier and broken shortcuts simply complicate things. You could just go to the directory where the program or file is and open it manually but you’re going to want to fix that shortcut eventually. Broken shortcuts take up space and they are a general annoyance. Some broken shortcuts will refuse to be deleted or even move at all. Typically a shortcut becomes broken when the program or file it points to has been moved or deleted. Registry errors can also cause shortcuts to malfunction. Updates to the Windows operating system have also been known to cause shortcuts to break as well. Whatever the case, they need to be fixed. Click here to download the Broken Shortcut Fixer.

Once you are done with the installation of the Broken Shortcut Fixer from the above the link.   you will find the home screen as shown below .

Fix Shortcut Home page

1. Select the Directories(Drives) you want to scan for broken shortcuts.

2. Now click on Scan button , you will find list of broken shortcuts as shown below.

Broken Shortcut list

3. You can select those broken shortcut which is need to be fixed or repaired.

4. Now either you can Fix Shortcuts or Delete Shortcuts as per your requirement.

5. Fixing will result in searching the best match for the broken shortcuts and creating new target path for it.

6. Delete of course will delete the shortcuts permanently.

7. Fix Manually will ask the the Target folder for fixing the shortcut and attach it to the broken shortcut to fix it.

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