Rotate Pdf File and Save it with PdfRotator

Want to rotate your pdf file? don’t know how to rotate pdf and save that rotated file? Here is a free software know as “PDF Rotator” which does rotating of pdf file and save that rotated file.

Not all the pdf files comes in proper reading format. Sometimes we have to deal with improper orientation. For time being we may simply rotate and read that file. But what if, if we have to deal that file in regular basis? do you think we have to rotate that file daily whenever we open that file? No, we don’t need to do that.

This improper orientation (upside down etc.,)   usually occurs when there is a image or some sort of big table which is present in that pdf file.

There are many online webapps are available to do this job. But I don’t think it is a better solution to rotate pdf files if have large number of files present or if you have a big pdf file. Because you have to upload that file to server to convert and then you have to download the converted file.

Instead, it is good to download a software to rotate pdf file locally on our computer.

PDF Rotator:

PDF Rotator is free   windows software which permanently rotates any pdf files 90 or 180 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise easily.


  • Permanently rotate pdf file and save the rotated file
  • 90/180 degree rotation
  • Page Range Rotation – Rotate pdf file from specified page range (Ex: 1st page to 3rd page)
  • Rotate All Pages
  • Restricted PDF file support
  • Rotate PDF’s file in Bulk- Support Batch mode
  • 100% clean and free


How to use PDF Rotator to Rotate PDF files:

1. Open the PDF Rotator software

pdf rotator

2.   Click on   “Add” button at the top to add pdf file that you want to rotate or simple drag and drop the pdf file in file list column

3. In Range– Specify whether you want to rotate single page or all pages or at specified range you want to rotate pdf file

4. Now click on “Rotate PDF Now!” button to rotate pdf file. Once it has done job it’s job it will open the folder containing your rotated pdf file.


Supported OS: Win XP/2000/2003/Vista/7/ windows 8

Download:  PDF Rotator

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