Ready to Experience Real Time Tweets in TweetDeck and Other Twitter Clients

We have been used Twitter clients like TweetDeck form a long period, have you experienced Tweets in Real Time in those Twitter desktop clients? If you say Yes, then  you are wrong because the super real time tweets are shortly coming to your twitter desktop software. TweetDeck and other famous twitter client are already testing new version or say “Real Time Tweets” features in there software. TweetDeck is now offering beta tester to their new version of the software only through invites, if you want to be part of it here is steps how to get it.

What TweetDeck is saying Real Time tweet features

Take the example of most desktop Twitter clients. If @aplusk chooses to tweet some hints about his latest blockbuster movie, his gazillions of followers won’t receive this message straight away; They will have to wait until their Twitter client fetches the next batch of updates from the Twitter API. Depending on current API limits, this could take a couple of minutes – and in a world where sometimes 3000 tweets per second are being generated, that could feel like a long time.

This is one of the nice feature which we can see shortly in our Twitter desktop clients. If you want to experience Real Time Tweets, then watch this video you came to know how this works.

Get Invites to this new feature in TweetDeck:

TweetDeck is offering this features to few lucky members, if you want to be part of it then follow these steps

  1. You need to have a TweetDeck account to use this feature, If you don’t have you can get it here
  2. If you already have an account then login with your account details here.

That’s it, you are now eligible to get invites from TweetDeck. They are not offering this invites to all, they are providing invites to only 5,000 people. So, if you want invites to new TweetDeck go and submit request their.

Tweetdeck new feature

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Bloggers Planet - August 1, 2010

Never try it before but it look really fun =)

    Arun - August 1, 2010

    I already got invitation and I’m try it right now on my PC. But I didn’t feel much difference b/w old version and new version. I think we need Hight speed internet to experience Real time tweet.


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