Problem with Sending Attachments in Email?

So you want to send an attachments but email provider not allowing you to do so? Most of the popular email service provider like gmail, yahoo and few other have their own restriction to send attachments. If you are annoyed with that restrictions, then here is alternative solution to send attachments.

Email Attachments:

If you tried to send email with an attachment, then you might have faced any of these problem like

  • File cannot be scanned for Virus or Failed in middle of the scanning
  • Some file types/extension are blocked (Even you cannot send in a zipped format)
  • You might have too many attachment files and it could have crashed in the middle of uploading

Or any other such problem you might have faced when trying to send attachments in emails.

The Attachment Alternative:

The best alternative you could try is uploading files to file hosting server and send that file download link in mail. But the problem in this method is, whenever you try to upload file to server, some server requires recipient should download their client software before they download the file. And few other server require user to register or wait few seconds before they download file.

But In this article I have collected best free file hosting servers you could try to send attachments without any such limitations.

Here are collection of few best servers you could try to upload files.

1. DropBox:

Dropbox is one of the most popular file hosting server. Where you can host file for free and sync to all other devices you use. But in this article we considering only for sharing file.

To share file in drop box, first signup to their site and open public folder. Now you upload files in public folder of dropbox and share the link with whom you want to send that file.


  • No upload limit
  • No need to download any software to start using
  • No bandwidth or expire limit
  • Free account option available
  • Downloader no need to wait or no need to have account


  • Uploader should have account


2. SkyDrive:

SkyDrive is a cloud based file hosting service from Microsoft which is recently announced.   To create an account at skydrive you need have any Microsoft account like outlook, live etc.,


  • No upload limit
  • No software need to get started
  • Free account option available
  • No delay while downloading
  • No bandwidth or expire limit
  • Downloader no need to have account


  • Need to have Microsoft account ( ex: Hotmail, Messenger, SkyDrive, Windows Phone, Xbox LIVE, or )
  • Uploader should have account

To share file with others, just upload file to public folder and share that public folder link.


3. Mediafire:

One of the Most popular file hosting server. I really love their service.


  • No upload, download or bandwidth limit
  • No software client need to download files
  • No delay for downloading file
  • Free Account option available


  • Uploader must have an account



  • No need to enter captcha
  • No waiting time
  • No download or bandwidth limit


  • Uploader must have account
  • Free users will get 5 GB space
  • 250 MB Max file size limit for free users


These are the most popular file hosting which offer awesome service to users. There are many more free file hosting service you could find online. But most of them not worth to try. If you have any problem with sending attachments in mail then try to use these free file hosting server to send files.

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