5 Places to Play Flappy Bird Game Online for Free

One of the most popular mobile game Flappy Bird was taken down by it’s developer. Within two or three days of the launch, it was believed that the game was earning almost $50,000 per day from advertising. Seems like developer was not ready for such a huge hit, and within few days he announced that he will take down flappy bird game from the app store.

Dong Nguyen, the creator of flappy bird tweeted this news on his twitter account. As you can see he is not giving any proper reason behind this decision. Many users assumed that there might be a legal issue so he is doing like this. But he confirmed that-there is no legal issue by tweeting

“It is not anything related to legal issues. I just cannot keep it anymore.”

flappy brid creator twitter

Anyway, the developer has taken down flappy bird game. And now many users are looking for an alternative way to play that game.

Play Flappy Bird Game Online:

Here I have collected few places were you can play Flappy bird game online for free.

1. http://flappybird.io/

play flappy bird game


To play this game on your mobile, just open this site on your mobile browser and start playing.

flappy bird mobile

2. http://www.agame.com/game/flappy-bird

flappy bird


3. http://uralozden.com/flappy/

play flappy bird online


4. http://jojo.net/h/flappy-bird

free flappy bird


5. http://www.kongregate.com/games/maxblive/flappy-bird-flash

flappy bird game

You will see some pop up first, close that popup and then you will see the game.

If you still not yet downloaded flappy bird game to your mobile and your missing that game, then you can play this game on your computer by visiting above sites.