Placeit-Place your Product or yourself in Realistic Environment

Want to take a beautiful screenshot of yourself or any of your product in realistic environment? Now it’s easier to take such screenshots featuring your product on some of the selected digital devices without worrying anything about Photography, lighting etc.,

Subscribe to YouTube Channels in RSS Readers

Reading posts in RSS reader is one of the most convenient way to read our favorite blogs. Many of them don’t know that we can also subscribe YouTube videos in feed readers. Today in this post I will explain how we can subscribe any YouTube video channels on your favorite RSS readers.

Online Converter-Supports Different File Format Conversion at One Place

We some times need to convert one file format to another, that time we usually look software for conversion. It’s good to use software for conversion when you need to convert big files, but not worth to download for small file conversion. Moreover, not all software supports all file formats to convert files.

How to Fix Wired Characters Problem in WordPress After Changing Server

Recently I changed my hosting provider, and after switching my hosting account I started seeing wired characters on my wordpress blog. This problem is causing because we have some issue with Database Character Sets in wordpress. If you are facing similar issue, then here is solution for you.

Get Destination URL Address Directly from Google Search Result

When you try to search anything on google, you will notice that every result in google search engine are having very long url. Sometimes we need to get only direct address of the search result instead of having those long URL. Here is a method get direct destination address in google search.

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