Bill Gates is now in India


Bill Gates is now travelling in India (at present in Uttar Pradesh). If you interested in seeing or talk to him then read this post. I’m going to give   some tip on how to find “where is Bill Gates now in India”.

I love people those you get success with there hard and smart work. I think you all know about Bill Gates if not refer here. In his official blog he announced that I’m on Tour but I don’t know he is visiting to India also.

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Best of Iron man 2 movie wallpaper

Iron man 2 movie recently launched and it has created lot of buzz around us. This movie launched on May 7, 2010 and now this movie has lot of fans around the world. In facebook fan page the number of fans count has reached 940,120 fans!. Those who are the fan of Iron man 2 movie here we collected High Definition (HD) wallpapers with different resolution size. You can download these wallpaper for free of cost.

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The Ad that made me to click 79+ clicks!!

All people see ads in daily life it may be in TV channels or it may be in Internet. Some people like ads and some other don’t. Today what I am talking here is not related to TV channel ad, but it related to Internet. I like creative ads, but usually don’t click on them if it’s not related to me. When I am browsing in search of a good white minimal theme for my site I landed on one site, their I saw interesting ad.

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Select all your friends in one click [Facebook hack]

Bored with selecting friends manually to send invites to pages and other? Here is a nice script that can select all your friends in facebook in one click. When I went to invite to, “ashout like box” I need to select all the friends manually to send invites. Selecting manually 150+ friends is really a boring, hard and time-consuming task. What I did is just searched to see anyone can help in selecting friends in one click, luckily I found one facebook hack or facebook trick to do that!.

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Karnataka 2nd puc result 2010

The Department of Pre-University Education announced that Karnataka 2nd puc exam results likely to be announced on May 6th, and on May 7th the results will be available on colleges.

Students who want Karnataka puc results here the some official websites list which are waiting to launch 2010 2nd puc results in online. If are one of the students who want to get your result online, then here the list of websites which can provide 2nd puc result online.

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2 best contact form you need to try!

All website most have contact form and about us page. In the same way yesterday I also tried to implement those pages in my site. I started searching for good contact form to add to my site. Previously I’m using kontactr   contact form after thinking a lot I thought it is not a good for WordPress blog because we are having lot of good plugin which are available with some extra function. So now I’m going to list those best two plugin to make contact form in WordPress blog.
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Lock executable (exe) file with password

lock-exe-file Some times it is necessary to protect executable file with password to stop using it from other users. So here is a small tool which can help you to protect any executable with password. We have seen many software to lock folders and others with the help of software, But most of them don’t aware of software to lock exe files.

Empathy is one such program it helps you to protect any exe file with password, It is a small tool and it is very portable to use. You don’t need to install this software before using this one, it is just a standalone file so that we can run it anywhere without installation.

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