Share buttons for Blogspot users [New Feature]

Every blogger likes to share their post with social networking sites, for that most pro as well as hobby blogger add some popular social media share buttons to their blogs. But for blogspot/blogger platform users it is really a difficult process to add share button for blogger. Because we need to do all the things manually and we need to have some knowledge about html to add it properly.

Now blogger users don’t need to worry about adding social media share buttons to blogger blogs because Google itself launched their own share button for blogger. So, blogger now don’t need to take care of adding share widget to their blog.

Google officially launched it’s own share button for blogger/blogspot users to share there content/post to social media websites. But at present Google added only few share buttons for blogspot users, they are Email share button, Blog this share button, Twitter share button, facebook share button and Google buzz share button.

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I think they have missed Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit,Delicious and Buzz Up! share buttons, and also they have added some most non used buttons like Google Buzz and Blog this share buttons (in my opinion).

Anyway, if you’re a blogspot user, then now onwards you can easily add social media share buttons to your blog in a easy method, without editing you blog template code. Also this share button for blogger may work with default template and you may get problem in custom template. I have seen some custom template users not able to add this share buttons to their blog.

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Adding social media share buttons to Blogspot/Blogger Blogs:

Login to your blogger account, then click Design option

social media share buttons adding in blogger

Then navigate to Page Elements in that click Edit option in Blog Posts section, you will see Show Share Buttons options just check it and save it. That’s it!

  • share button for blogspot

    After doing the above steps go and see your blogger blog below the post, you can see some cool social media share buttons.

    share button for blogger

    See the above image, how google share buttons looks on blogspot blog. Hope Google will add missing Social media buttons in future.

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    Anish K.S @ Technics - June 27, 2010

    Its a great feature, will check this.

    Rohit Sane - June 27, 2010

    First we needed to use Javascripts for this purpose in Blogger platform. Now it will be very easy!

    ashok - June 30, 2010

    eventhough this feature is great,, it is not working in third party blogger templates,, it seems that we want to code, to add the sharing buttons in third party templates,,

      P.K.ARUN - June 30, 2010

      Yes, I already told it in the post itself.

    amit - July 4, 2010

    hey arun,,

    i have been blogging since 4 years i write poetry and real life stories
    being a working professional i dont get much time to use the technicalities of blog
    i have a twitter / FB a/c. i just get time to write and share a week .

    kindly give me some of the short cuts to directly boost my traffic to my blog i think it is dying

    would be grateful if u help..
    do mail me

    thanks in advance

      P.K.ARUN - July 4, 2010

      Hello amit, I have seen your blog and your blog looks cool as well your blog is having fully original article. If you have original article on your blog then you can receive some good number of traffic but you’re not getting any traffic it’s because of your post is not optimised for search engine. Until and unless your post is optimized for search engine, you won’t receive good traffic from search engine. And also I suggest you to participate in community with same or related topic blog content by posting comment on other blogs so, it helps in SE ranking. For doing well in SE we need to optimize our each and every post with related Keyword, otherwise you many lose some good traffic from SE.

      amit - July 4, 2010

      hey arun

      i am not able to read the full comment u gave for my blog..
      kindly check that


        P.K.ARUN - July 4, 2010

        Dude here I’m not seeing any such issues, my replay to the above comment ends with “otherwise you many lose some good traffic from SE.” line. If you’re seeing that line than you’re reading my full comment. If not, please tell me which browser u are using? if possible provide the screenshot.. so that I can fix it.

    cindy - July 23, 2010

    Thanks for this. I followed the directions exactly but the buttons refuse to appear. Would you know where I could turn for help? Does Blogger have a tech support? Thanks!

    Chessa - August 29, 2010

    Thanks…this was just the information I was searching for…great instructions.

    TechToSoft - October 5, 2010

    thanks dear i ll check out this i really need this thanks for sharing

    shenoyjoseph - November 5, 2010

    cool trick for getting the social media buttons

    eliana - December 8, 2010


    I have done my own template for my blog and now I try to add the share buttons the way you’re explaining here in this page and it’s not working.
    Is there another way to do it?



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