Nokia launched Nokia Video Cuts apps to make video watching easy[beta]

Today Nokia announced new apps for Nokia handset called “Nokia Video Cuts Apps”. If you are a nokia users and watch video on nokia phones then take a look at Nokia Video Cuts Apps. This (Nokia Video Cuts Apps) is designed to make you easy to watch videos on your nokia handset. Nokia Video Cuts Apps announced today in beta lab.

Nokia Video Cuts Apps:

Nokia video cuts is a new apps which is released by nokia today to help nokia users easy to watch video. This apps is now in beta stage. Nokia Video Cuts Apps helps users by organizing all videos which are available in your nokia handset in one place by creating thumbnail of those videos.

Think you selected one long video available in your nokia handset and you don’t need to view entire video what you have selected. In this time you can make use of Nokia Video Cuts Apps, because it shows thumbnails of the video (splits videos into different thumbnails) what you have selected and when you click on the thumbnails which is generated by Nokia Video Cuts Apps then video starts playing from that position instead of beginning. So, Nokia Video Cuts Apps helps in jumping a selected portion of the video easily.

I think this may be one of the best apps for nokia users if you watch videos on mobiles. If you are first time launching the Nokia Video Cuts Apps and if you have many videos in your handset, then Nokia Video Cuts Apps may take few minutes to launch the application.

Give feedback of Nokia Video Cuts Apps to Nokia:

Nokia asking you people (users of Nokia Video Cuts Apps) to give feedback about their new apps in their official website. They want to know about..

  • Whether the key frames satisfy your expectations and needs
  • Bugs in the software


  • Supported video formats include: H.263 (.3gp, .3gpp, mp4)
  • Tested on the following devices: Nokia N97 and Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
  • Should also be compatible with other S60 v5 touchscreen devices, including Nokia N97 mini, Nokia X6 and Nokia 5230.

Watch Nokia Video Cuts Apps in Action:

Official video of Nokia Video Cuts Apps demo in YouTube. Watch this small video if you want to know how Nokia Video Cuts Apps works.


nokia video cuts apps shows thumbnail of video

Visit: Download Nokia Video Cuts Apps

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Karthikeyan - June 30, 2010

Hi Arun, Thanks for the info i will try in my 5800!!

Have a Nice day!

    P.K.ARUN - June 30, 2010

    Hope it helps you.


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