Right Click Enhancer-Modify Right Click Options based on what you Want

Right Click Enhancer is a small software, with the help of this software you can modify the right click options in your PC. It supports all OS such as Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. If you are using windows XP or windows vista then you might need to download .Net Framework 3.5 to work this software.

Right Click Enhancer:

As the name itself indicates that this software is used to enhance Right Click option in our pc. Right-click option is one of the most used parts of the computer but sometime you may feel that your favorite option may not be available in the right option. It is possible to add some options through some tweaks in Regedit but most of them don’t like to edit registry entry, in that case, you can try Right Click Enhancer software.

Right Click Enhancer

When you run Right Click Enhancer software you will see the menu like the above image. It has 6 options in it to edit Right Click Options. Here below are some description of those options.

My Computer Manager
Allows user to add the files or folders to their My Computer, Control Panel or Desktop. User can add folders directly by right-clicking on it by enabling the right click options from My Computer Manager. User can delete that folder directly from My Computer or Control Panel by right click delete option and then refreshing. Windows XP user can only add the folders and executable files (.exe).

Right Click Tweaker
As the name tells this part of a Right Click Enhancer does some tweaks stuff. All of these tweaks are very useful for everyday work. It makes your life easier. All of the tweaks are listed below with there functionality.

(1) Copy To Folder & Move To Folder:– When you choose one of the options from the menu, you browse to any place on your hard disk to copy or move the file to that folder. You don’t have to navigate to the place where you want to paste your file.

(2) Create or Print File List:– Allows you to print or create file list of a folder by right clicking on the folder and selecting one of the options.

(3) Encrypt & Decrypt:– Allows you to encrypt and decrypt your files and folders. Files encrypted can ´t be operable by another user on the PC.

(4) Open In Notepad:– Allows user to open any file in notepad by just right clicking it.

(5) Open file location:– Allows user to open the file location by right-clicking its shortcut.

(6) Administrator Command Prompt:– Allows user to open an elevated command prompt with highest privileges from any folder by right-clicking it.

(7) God Mode & System Configuration Utility (Vista or 7):– Add the options to open System Configuration Utility(MSConfig) and famous god mod from user ´s right-click menu.

(8)Problem Step Recorder (Windows 7):– Problem Step Recorder is a hidden feature of the Windows 7. This tool brings this to your right-click menu.

Send To Manager
Allows user to add a folder to their send to menu. So user can copy any files instantly to the selected location. User can remove it from the SendTo Manager. You can add folder shortcut directly by right-clicking on it.

New Menu Editor
Allow users to add and delete items from there right click new menu.

Right Click Cascading Menu Shortcuts Creator (Windows 7)
Allows user to add cascading menus to their right click. When user add a cascading menu

Right Click Cascading Menu Shortcuts Creator automatically adds an option to right click menu to add the files and folders to cascading menu by just right clicking any files or folder. User can also add files and folder from within the application by selecting the cascading menu and clicking the add buttons. User can remove the cascading menu or files or folder associated with a cascading menu.

Right Click Shortcuts Creator (Vista or 7)
Allows user to add the files or folders to their right-click context menu. You can delete files and folders currently in right click menu.

There are lots of options available in this Right Click Enhancer software if you feel you don’t get something about this software then go for the help option which is available in that software. They have clearly mentioned how to use these options which is available in the software.

You can also watch this video to know how to use this software.

Download: http://rbsoft.weebly.com/uploads/4/8/3/7/4837537/setup.exe | Right Click Enhancer Portable

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