Work 3 minutes and earn max of $2++ and min of $0.10

Most of them think that making money online is really scam expect few people who are already earning. I have seen most people don’t know we can earn money online by doing small work. So, today I am going to introduce   you how we can make money online for free without spending anything. To start making money with the website what I am going to introduce you, need only 3 min of your time (depends on you) to finish those task and get paid to do that.

Microworkers is the website today what I am going to introduce you. The Micro workers website pays you to do small works which are available in “Available Jobs” tab of the microworkers site. You need to select the jobs which you can able to complete that job. After completing your job what you have chosen need to submit proof of compilation of that job.

In microworkers site we see two types of people they are..


Employers are people who need help getting something done. Employers start new campaigns and look for workers. Employers review work done and pay Workers.


Workers are people who enjoy helping others and earning a little extra cash. Workers accept jobs and deliver results. Workers get paid.

what is microworkers?

It is the place where we can get the jobs (small jobs) to earn money and we can also open jobs (for doing works) at low price by adding funds to your micro workers account.

How we can Earn money with microworkers?

Just select the jobs that you’re able to do and complete that job by providing proofs (they ask what you need to submit).

After doing your task, Employer checks whether you have done that work properly. If you made task properly they mark you as satisfied, when they mark satisfied you will get payment form microworkers site to your account.

If Employer not checked the work whether you have done the work are not within (164 hours), then the micro workers automatically mark it has satisfied and add payments to your account.

How much we can earn?

Minimum of $0.10 to maximum of $2++ (based on currently available job payments, it may increase or decrease in future) for each job you complete. You can choose as many jobs as you wish, more the jobs you choosen the greater the earning.


You get paid $1 bonus of sign-up


$1 for each referrals

Minimum payout: $9

Payment through: Check, PayPal, Moneybookers or Alertpay

According to me it’s really a nice site and legit site to earn money online. They are really paying for the work you have completed.

Screen Shot of some jobs available in microworkers

jobs list in

Signup for MicroWorkers

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Shabnam Sultan - June 7, 2010

Nice share 🙂 i will check it out.

Robert - June 8, 2010

So many people think that all MMO (make money online) opportunities are scams. Yes, there are lots of scams out there and you need to research any program before getting involved but you just showed that there are legitimate companies where a person can earn money online. It may not be a lot of money but every little bit helps and there are more companies like the one you mentioned.

To your great success!

Arafat Hossain Piyada - June 8, 2010

Great way for internet beginner to earn extra money. However for me blogging is better. Thanks for sharing Arun.

    P.K.ARUN - June 8, 2010

    I agree blogging is better, but what if people who are looking to make money without blogging? To earn money with blogging takes lots of hardwork, but doing works in microworker can be easy.

Shekhar Sahu - June 8, 2010

Let me get some time after exams, thanks.

Xpress Music - June 8, 2010

nice share

khalid - June 8, 2010

I liked the way of your writings.I will try for that. Thanx

Jen - June 10, 2010

I really don’t like the program MMO through referrals. but Thank for sharing ARUN

    P.K.ARUN - June 10, 2010

    I don’t recommend people for me making money, I just posted it because I think this website is cool and few people may get benefit out of it. Anyway thanks for sharing your opinion Jen.

himanshu - June 11, 2010

this is similar to amazon’s mechanical turks. thanks for this

bhavik - July 1, 2010

hey i gt dis link n wanna share wid mre n mre ppl tell me sum way

keith - August 23, 2010


husy - September 20, 2010 is better has no fees and is the best online trusted and legit money making site i have seen, I am old member and i have got 3 payments from them till today & i am going withdrew the 4 payment now, its grate & good paying site, i suggest every one who really want make money online.

Mobile Hard Drive : - October 27, 2010

well, sometimes it is difficult to earn a good deal of money in a short amount of time*’`

nuruzaman - January 23, 2011

no comment

nuruzaman - January 23, 2011


SWAPAN NATH - February 17, 2011

I understand that Microorkers is a most famous small earning site. Here any one can join and earn a lot by doing small work. So I can try to join Microworkers for best earning.

Habibur - March 26, 2011

Nice. Can you tell me my website how can i increase P of this domain

rashmi - March 29, 2011

today I got my first letter from MW with the pin code after 20 days of placing a withdrawal request. I was so happy. as there is no paypal in my country i have used moneybookers to have transferred my amount in my bank account. I wonder how does MW pay via cheque? I will be very glad if u help me with this. Please mention the steps if possible.
Thanking you.

Shahidul - October 11, 2011

how I can submit a work in the box?
how I can submit my email confirmation massage in the box for ‘sign up’ work?

shahidul - November 6, 2011

on microworkers,when I click on edit address-they want zip code,stat/religion;but how I can fill this blank?I live in BD

    ARUN - November 6, 2011

    Sorry not getting what you are asking. If you can explain more clearly I can help you.

Ripon - October 1, 2012

How i can learn this microworks?plz inform me……………………………

rajarajan - February 8, 2015

hello sir , i use this site for last one week, but am banned from bookmark jobs ,
it shows
“You have been banned, and that decission has later been manually confirmed. Therefore, no further appeal is possible – please work with other employers”.
If there is any solution to solve this ? please help me , am waiting for your reply!

    ARUN KUMAR - February 8, 2015

    Sometimes advertisers manually ban users…. just skip that job and try other ads. You can also try to contact support team.


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